suspect arrested in fatal "knock out game" beating of elderly man

Some awful news about a senseless murder out of St. Louis... Police are investigating the death of 72-year-old Hoang D. Nguyen, who was killed when he and his wife were attacked and beaten while walking home from the market: Killing of immigrant in St. Louis stuns family, police.

The most infuriating part? According to police, Nguyen was beaten to death by a group of young people as part of the "Knock-out Game," which involves "unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders."

According to court records, 18-year-old Elex Levell Murphy has been charged with one count each of first degree murder and first degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action. He is currently being held without bail:
According to court records, Murphy and three other people aproached Hoang D. Nguyen, 72, and his wife, Yen, in an alley at the 3800 block of Spring Avenue at 10:45 a.m. Saturday as they headed home from a nearby Vietnamese market on the city's south side.

The couple used the alley as a shortcut to their apartment, at Spring and Chippewa Street.

Yen Nguyen told authorities that Murphy walked up to her husband, Hoang Nguyen, grabbed his jacket in the front and punched him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. A second man kicked him in the abdomen causing injury to his ribs. Murphy then walked up to Yen Nguyen and punched her in the eye, causing severe bruises and an orbital fracture.

Hoang Nguyen later died of his injuries.

Police said they are still looking for the three others, a man and two women in their teens or 20s, who were with Murphy.
"Knock-out Game"? What kind of fucking game is that? That's not a game -- it's just beating people up. Two defenseless elderly people at that. Police are apparently still looking for three other suspects, a man and two women in their teens or 20s, who were with Murphy. These people need to rot in jail for a ver long time. More here: Police: St. Louis man killed in game targeting innocent people.

UPDATE: A funeral was held Thursday morning for Hoang Nguyen: Funeral for Hoang Nguyen in south St. Louis.

St. Louis police and Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce say they're fighting back against the "Knock Out Game": Police and St. Louis Circuit Attorney promise to go after Knock Out players.

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