coming soon: the browncoats mixtape by adam warrock

Firefly fans, you will surely like this. Our friend Eugene Ahn, aka nerdcore indie rapper Adam WarRock is teasing a new mixtape he's dropping with kHill of The ThoughtCriminals in the fall, The Browncoats Mixtape, an entire album dedicated to Joss Whedon's fan-favorite, gone-too-soon sci-fi western TV series and using only Firefly/Serenity score samples for the beats. Here's the teaser video:

Indeed, you can't take the sky from me. I've always had some problems with Firefly -- namely, the show's vision of a future where China's language and cultural influence has permeated throughout the galaxy... without a single Asian person in sight. This is network television, after all. But I can't deny that Firefly was highly entertaining TV. Adam WarRock obviously thinks so too.

The Browncoats Mixtape will be out this fall. For more information on Adam WaRock, the internet's foremost comic book rapper, go to his website here, where you can hear lots more of his music.

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