man arrested for running on tarmac at newark airport

Uh, what the hell. Earlier this week at Newark Liberty National Airport, a guy wielding a knife was arrested after he was caught running onto the tarmac: Xiang Xun Shao: NYC Man Accused Of Running On Tarmac At NJ Airport.

According to authorities, 39-year-old Xiang Xun Shao vaulted over a mechanical barrier and gained access to the "aeronautical area of operations," aka where the airplanes go, aka where crazy guys with knives are not supposed to go. He was quickly tackled and arrested by Port Authority police:
Xiang Xun Shao, 39, of 288 Broome St., vaulted over a mechanical barrier and "gained access to the aeronautical area of operations," at around 6:30 p.m., according to law-enforcement sources.

Shao had been seen lingering next to a guardhouse adjacent to the Continental Airlines taxiway ramp at the airport's Terminal C.

He suddenly jumped the barrier and sprinted across the tarmac with a guard in hot pursuit, sources said.

Shao tripped and was tackled by Port Authority police just feet from several passenger jets, they said.
Shao is being charged with criminal trespassing and criminal possession of a weapon. But best of all, no planes were delayed as a result. And the most important thing. More here: Armed nut nabbed at airport.

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