suicide or homicide in mysterious mansion death?

This is a crazy story out the San Diego area about the mysterious death of Rebecca Nalepa, who was found hanged at her boyfriend's mansion in Coronado. Investigators are trying to determine whether she was murdered or committed suicide: Fifteen detectives probe woman's death at Coronado mansion.

The circumstances around Nalepa's death are made more mysterious by the accidental death of 6-year-old Max Shacknai, the son of the mansion's owner. Just days before Nalepa was found dead, the boy fell down a set of stairs and died. But the two deaths apparently have no connection, and are being investigated separately:
In the Nalepa investigation, department officials said, "We will go wherever the evidence takes us and will investigate however long it takes to make sure we get the facts right for Rebecca, her family and the public."

"Hopefully, the evidence will tell the story and solve this mystery."

Jonah Shacknai's brother, Adam, told investigators he found Nalepa hanging from her neck from a balcony, her arms and feet tied. He then cut her down in hopes she was still alive.

When firefighters, police and paramedics arrived at the 27-room mansion on Ocean Boulevard, Nalepa's nude body was on the grass, her feet were still tied together, but her hands were not.

Sheriff's investigators earlier this week said they cannot rule out suicide as a possibility. The results of Nalepa's autopsy by the county medical examiner have been sealed during the investigation.
There are no suspects or persons of interest in the case, as it has yet to be classified as a suicide or homicide. Forensic evidence will apparently be the key in determining how Nalepa, also known as Rebecca Zahau, died. More here: Two Mysterious Deaths in a Millionaire's Mansion.

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