music video: "seijun suzuki" by blue scholars

Awwww yeah. Seattle's own hip hop thought rockers, Blue Scholars, just dropped their new music video for "Seijun Suzuki, easily one of my favorite tracks from their album Cinemetroplis. As the title indicates, the song and video are sort of an ode to the iconic Japanese filmmaker. Take a look:

Here's some background on the making of the video: BLUE SCHOLARS AND JON JON PRESENT "SEIJUN SUZUKI" THE MUSIC VIDEO.

Suits and samurai swords. You really can't go wrong. Not to mention it's just one killer-ass track. If you have not yet heard the entirety of Cinemetropolis, I implore you to get your hands on the album here. And for more information on Blue Scholars and their music, check out their website here.

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