Who will play Ann Curry in the Today show TV movie?

Lifetime is adapting a made-for-TV-movie about behind-the-scenes drama at NBC's Today show

Maybe it was inevitable. Lifetime is planning a made-for-TV movie based on Brian Stelter's book Top of the Morning, a behind-the-scenes look at the cutthroat world of morning network television talk shows -- including the bitter, headline-making feud between Today hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry.

Lifetime Adapting Brian Stelter's 'Top of the Morning' as TV Movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime is in the early stages of development on adapting Stelter's buzz-worthy, dirt-dishing expose on the the most competitive slot in time television. Much of the book is devoted to the drama around Curry's short-lived stint as co-host on Today before she was bullied and pushed out of her role in part because of her not-so-great chemistry with Lauer.

The TV movie will be produced by Tony DiSanto and Liz Gately, which has also produced MTV's Teen Wolf and Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Gateley and DiSanto decided an adaptation would be of appeal upon returning from the annual A&E producers offsite earlier this year. “We were looking at the success of Vikings and The Bible [on History], and knowing that Nancy Dubuc had taken over Lifetime not that long ago we thought what could be their big factual movie that’s big in pop culture now," says Gateley, who was reading the numerous GMA/Today news stories as well as Stelter's book at the time. The pair struck a deal with Stelter and brought Morning to Lifetime.

The producers say they have given little thought to casting, but hope that the film can have the same kind of cultural resonance as HBO’s hit telepic Game Change, also set in the recent past. What DiSanto and Gateley are adamant about is their respect for the morning show process as well as the product. “We're friends and colleagues with a lot of people involved in this world and our intention to sensationalize or slam anyone or place blame anywhere. It's more to tell a fair and illuminating story,” says DiSanto, with Gateley noting that Today is not only a personal favorite but also part of her daily routine.
As a longtime Ann Fan, I am intrigued. But who will play Ms. Curry? I'm throwing out my vote for Maggie Q. It's a long leap from what she does on Nikita, but I think she's got the chops to nail a decent Ann Curry impression.

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