Star Wars... The Musical!?

Musical parody mashes up Disney songs and a galaxy far, far away

Have you ever watched the Star Wars movies -- the original trilogy, not the prequels, heretic -- got really excited with those awesome space battles, blasters and Jedi duels... but felt disappointed because there was just not enough singing in a galaxy far, far away? Then you'll probably get a kick out of Star Wars: The Musical.

Masterminded by our friend, executive producer/composer George Shaw, and directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin, this eight-minute fan film infuses Episode IV: A New Hope with song parodies of selections from Disney's animated movie musical catalog. It was shot entirely on green screen with multi-planer hand-painted backdrops in the Disney animated tradition. Throw in some random Disney princesses for good measure.

Take a look:

Love the cameo by Jane Lui dropping in as Mulan to interject a little singing commentary about white heroes.

Well, there will likely be at least two more follow-ups to this, right? Can't wait to see singing, dancing Boba Fett. For further information, and to follow along with future updates about Star Wars The Musical, visit the website.

And may The Force be with you.

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