After 'Fresh Off The Boat," join us for Fresh Off The Show

The Unofficial Live Online Post-Show, Tuesdays at 8:35PM PST on YouTube

Based on the numbers, it appears that America is watching Fresh Off The Boat. The ABC sitcom, starring your new favorite Asian American family, has been turning up some solid audience ratings since its premiere, even when up against some pretty heavy competition in its Tuesday time slot, including NCIS and The Voice.

In this week's episode, Eddie is excited to meet a new classmate -- another Chinese kid! -- played by guest star Albert Tsai (the breakout kid star of ABC's Trophy Wife). This could be a the beginning of a two-man Asian crew at Abraham Lincoln Middle School, but they soon learn that they have absolutely nothing in common.

Here's a preview of this week's show:

If you've been watching and enjoying the show, I invite you to join me and co-host Jenny Yang for Fresh Off The Show the unofficial Fresh Off The Boat after-show. Right after the broadcast, hop on the internets to hang out with us (and our awesome "studio" audience) as we discuss and debrief the episode via YouTube.

Join us live on Tuesdays at about 8:35PM Pacific Standard Time. Here's where you can watch us this week, with our special guest comedian and Fresh Off The Boat writer Ali Wong:

Here's an archive of all of our episodes so far:

February 10: "The Shunning" and "Success Perm"
Special Call-In Guest: C.S. Lee

February 17: "Persistent Romeo"

February 24: "Fajita Man"
Special Guest: Keiko Agena

March 3: "Showdown at the Golden Saddle"
Special Guest: Julianne Hing

If it isn't apparent, these shows have been a complete do-it-yourself labor of love. They've also been a ton of fun, and a great way to keep the conversation going about Fresh Off The Boat.

For further information about Fresh Off The Show, be sure to join the Facebook event (or just remember the handy URL repsweats.com), which will updated regularly with the video link for each week's show.

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