Your Halloween Costumes 2021

Our annual gallery of awesome reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

It's that time again! Halloween is upon us, and as is our tradition around here, dear readers, we wanna see your awesome Halloween costume photos. Spooky, funny, adorable, and/or just plain weird, we wanna see 'em. (Seriously, cute kid costumes are especially welcome.) Submit your awesome, not-racist Halloween costume photos and we'll feature the best ones here in the annual roundup. Email photos angryasianman [at] angryasianman.com with the subject line "Halloween Costume 2021."

Here's the gallery so far:

The inimitable Claudia Kishi of The Baby-Sitters Club.

Marcus from Always Be My Maybe.

Raya of Kumandra.

Milkman, Milk Baby, and their cows.

Shang-Chi drinking his milk.

Baby Ewok. Nub nub.

Raya and Shang-chi play the Squid Game.

Ari Agbayani, the new local Captain America.

Jollibee's Jolly Bee.

Ramen noodles, taro bubble tea, and a donut.

Young Rock.

Captain Barnacles and a mouse.

Captain America.

Mad tea party.

Lil Shang-Chi.

Baby Bruce.

Baby Rich Asians.

Abby Hatcher.

Cindy Moon aka Silk.

Wenwu and the Ten Rings.

Squid Game family.


Minecraft Baby Zombie Chicken Jockey.

Black Panther and Raya could win the Squid Game.

Snake Eyes unmasked!

Sae-byeok contemplates her marbles.

Ms. Marvel and Shang-Chi out here fighting evil.

Carve out this sweet... or else."

Kate Bishop from Hawkeye.

Transform and roll out!

Dino Fury (Barefoot) Blue Ranger and Raya.

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