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In cast you didn't know, the Republican National Convention is currently going down in NYC. And at least 104 APA delegates and alternates from across the country, along with another 400 to 500 APA supporters of the Republican Party are over there for some partying and politics: APA Republicans Head for the Big Apple. Whoo. Why, there's even an Asian guy pictured in this article: GOP aims for diversity, black votes. Meanwhile, a bunch of people are also in town to protest: FIRE-DRAGON PROTESTER BURNED BY 200G BAIL. Incidentally, the arrested protestor and the assaulted police officer in this case both appear to be Asian.


That racist Enzyte TV commercial with "Smiling Bob," first seen back in December 2003, reportedly continues to run. It's the one with the white businessman, and his meeting with seemingly less potent Asian businessmen. Full of ridiculous, racist double entendre. By the way, Enzyte is a "male enhancement" drug. Get it? Anyway, AMWd has a letter-writing campaign set up: Stop Airing Racist Enzyte Ad! Though I have the strong feeling it's not going to do much good.


Just in cast you missed it, take a look at Ming Lo's short film Pax IMPORTi MODELLus. It's a mockumentary spoof on the whole import model scene we Asians have somehow proudly cornered. If you're familiar with this phenomenon at all, the film will speak to you... About 24 minutes, available for download in three parts at CommandoFilms.com.


A reunion of Japanese Americans forcibly relocated to Arkansas internment camps during World War II is expected to draw at least 900 people: Hundreds expected at internment reunion. See, I'd like to see Michelle Malkin personally address these people, look them in the eye and argue her case for the internment. I wonder what they'd do...


Q & A with Mira Nair, director of Monsoon Wedding and the upcoming Vanity Fair: All's Fair

And an interview with Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, on her upcoming musical version of Pride and Prejudice: 'Bride And Prejudice is not a K3G'


Margaret Cho! Live! At the Apollo! Cho takes on race, abortion and sexuality in her "State of Emergency" tour, which began over the weekend to
coincide with the Republican National Convention: A Partisan Comedy Tour (Lots of Bite, No Baby Kissing)

By the way, I was at Best Buy the other day, and spotted Cho's I'm The One That I Want, Notorious C.H.O. and Revolution all packaged together and selling as a DVD box set.


Official DVDs for James Hou's Masters of the Pillow will be available September 27. It's the controversial documentary on Prof. Darrell Hamamoto's "Yellow Porno Movement." Here's a letter from James:

Masters of the Pillow DVD Release, Ships 9/27/04!

Dear Friends,

The Official Masters of the Pillow DVD is finally on its way! Well, itís been a
quick two years since I first started on MOTP, and I feel like a proud father
letting go of a child. The film has generated tremendous buzz at several film
festivals, screened at over a dozen colleges, and was even spoofed on the
Tonight Show and Daily Show (Itís all on the website). Not bad for a first try
at documentary filmmaking Iíd say!

Now, participating in an Asian American Porno Revolution may not be on your
checklist of things to do, but supporting Asian American arts might be. So
here's your chance. This film is pretty much as independent as it gets. No name
actors, agents, or film critics embellishing this one. Just a bold plan and a
bold vision. Self-distribution via the internet is the future for independent
filmmakers like me, so this film is kind of an experiment. If this works,
hopefully it'll encourage other filmmakers that their voices can be heard
outside the Hollywood system.

I'm counting on your word of mouth and some good old luck to take this project
to the next level. Hell, tell your friends and co-workers to buy a copy too.
If you're tired of watching the same Hollywood films and wanna see a fresh
perspective, this is the one.

Visit the website at www.mastersofthepillow.com and purchase your copy today.
Thanks for your support and help in keeping the dream alive.

Sincerely yours,

James Hou


Avenue Films


Now, let it be known that I've never really been much a of supporter of Hamamoto's much-ballyhooed "Porno Revolution." But no doubt, the driving issues it attempts to grapple with are provoking and compelling. Plus, I know James personally, and I would like to see him succeed as a filmmaker. Anyway, here is yet another article on the matter: The Ronin of Raunch.


Object of Desire is a new dating show where contestants compete in physical, mental and psychological challenges to win a dream date with their "object of desire." So what's the big deal? These shows are a dime a dozen. Well, Object of Desire is primarily aimed towards the English-language Asian American community, with an Asian American host, Mayleen Ramey. Contestants must first humiliate themselves with "price of admission" before they introduce themselves to their potential prize date. Then contestants try their hardest to eliminate each other in 3 rounds of crazy competitions. The winner gets to win a date with someone he/she would never get to date in real
life. Hooray. The show debuts Wednesday, September 1st, 7:30pm on the International Channel.

See? Us Asians can also participate in televised self-humiliation just like everyone else, in the form of dating shows!


Robot Stories filmmaker (and recent Warlock writer) Greg Pak has a nifty new short film, Everybody's Supersonic, at NikeSpeed.com (Click on "02Fuel," then "Speed Stories"). With Joe LaRue and Ed Lin.

Also check out the crazy ass animation piece Oggo (under "Art of Speed") by Saimon Chow and Han Lee. It's a trip.


Oh yeah. Surprising industry folks, Hero was number one at the box office this weekend, setting a record for an Asian film in North America with a "better-than-expected" haul of $17.8 million: Chinese film 'Hero' tops North American box office. To be completely honest, I was surprised too. After the way Miramax has treated this film, I thought it had been hung out to dry. Give the people what they want!


A preview of Lane Nishikawa's Only the Brave over at ChopBlock.com. I've been waiting to see this story on film forever...


Timmy Chang for Heisman, so says Norman Chad: Mr. Chang, Strike a Pose


Here's a nicely written article from Friday's Chicago Sun-Times: Asians of change


Lucy Liu is in negotiations to join Josh Hartnett in the noir gangster film Lucky Number Sleven: Lucy Liu Joins Gang on 'Lucky' Pic.


Oooh. To my Angry Friends in Berkeley: Michelle Malkin will be making a public appearance at UC Berkeley, 7:00pm on Wednesday, September 8th at 145 Dwinelle Hall. Do whatever you deem fit with this information. I'm sure it'll be a fun time.


Normally, I'd chalk this up as just another entry in the wide world of crazy Craigslist postings, but I received several emails about this one: Jewish talk show hosts mock an AM who can't get a date


Online petition: Justice for Victims of Agent Orange


CAUSE, dedicated to advance the political empowerment of our community through voter registration and education, community outreach and leadership development: Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment


After hearing about it all year, it seems that it's finally here... Starting Monday at 6:00am, ImaginAsian TV, America's first 24/7 Asian American network, officially launches. However, carriage seems to be limited at the moment. Currently broadcasting in Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle and Ventura, CA... Check the website for more details.

Meanwhile, the first season of Stir has wrapped. 26 weeks, 26 episodes, and Pepsi Stir Music Challenge winners StereoStaR FM, followed by Janeska and Johnny Hi-Fi. Season two is currently in the works.


Woohoo! Blacklava's got a new t-shirt, dedicated to all of you who have a special place in your heart for Michelle Malkin, as I do: RACIALLY PROFILED


Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa will play the 'The Baron' in Memoirs of a Geisha: 'Geisha' Actor Blown Away by Role


Another reminder: Hero finally opens up in theaters today. If you're like me, you already saw it forever ago on DVD. But hey, I also got to see it at SFIAAFF back in March, and it's definitely worth checking it out on the big screen.

But the movie I'm really excited about is Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid. Hell yeah. In case you didn't know, it's the sequel to that blockbuster smash Anaconda, where J. Lo and Ice Cube must escape the giant snake. Been waiting like forever for this. Anyway, Karl Yune is in the cast as "Tran," a buff jungle expedition guy. I can't wait to see him get eaten by the giant snake(s).

By the way, Karl is Rick's brother: Korean-American Actor Yune Follows Brother's Footsteps


FINALLY. After two and a half years in domestic-distribution limbo, Zhang Yimou's Hero finally makes it to American theaters on Friday: 'Hero' Gets The Call. But will anyone still care? We've covered this before, but let's face it, Miramax dropped the ball on this loooong ago.


Seems like I've been seeing these ladies all over the place lately: Twelve Girls Band


Here's the official press statement of the JACL in response to the insane ramblings of Michelle Malkin:

Statement of the Japanese American Citizens League Response to Michelle Malkin

August 24, 2004

Contact John Tateishi, National Director

Michelle Malkin's book "In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror" is a desperate attempt
to impugn the loyalty of Japanese Americans during World War II to justify harsher governmental policies today in the treatment of Arab and Muslim Americans.

Malkin's thesis depends on World War II intelligence cables for her argument that the Japanese consular offices in the U.S. had successfully recruited Japanese Americans as spies and saboteurs, notwithstanding the fact that those intelligence communiquÈs had previously been examined by scholars and government researchers for decades and rejected as justification for the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans.

The Magic cables were reviewed by the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, a fact-finding commission created by the President and Congress in 1980. Following a thorough examination, the commission found no evidence connecting the decision to intern Japanese Americans to any of the information contained in the cables. Furthermore, a finding in the commission report, Personal Justice Denied, stated that "not a single documented act of espionage, sabotage or fifth column activity on the mainland was committed by an American citizen of Japanese ancestry or by a resident Japanese alien on the West Coast," a view consistently substantiated by independent scholars and researchers for almost half a century since World War II.

The JACL finds it offensive that Malkin would make the judgmental leap that any intent by Japan to form a spy network during World War II somehow implicates the entire population of Japanese Americans, thereby causing the necessity for their mass incarceration. The facts speak for themselves, and President Ronald Reagan concurred when he signed a law in 1988 acknowledging the injustice of the internment.

The JACL's objection to Malkin's recent publication is that it purports to present the "truth" about the historical facts of the internment but, in fact, is a regurgitation of old arguments that attempt to justify the decision to imprison Japanese Americans.

In writing the book, Malkin states that her purpose is to debunk the internment as "racist" and "unjustified." By her own admission, Malkin makes no claim to expertise on the subject, admits that her work is not thorough, fashions conclusions to suit her political views, all the while asking her readers to "reject political correctness... and the ability to view the writing of history as something other than a therapeutic indulgence," a criticism that fails to escape her own work.

In a recent Op-Ed piece, Malkin states, "Getting the history right is vital to informed debate about the proper balance between civil liberties and national security." With this we would agree; however, history tells us that intolerance and bigotry played a devastating role in denying Japanese Americans their civil rights during World War II, and it is for this reason that the JACL will continue to be outspoken toward any policy that targets or profiles Arab and Muslim Americans or undermines the civil liberties of any American.

Unlike sixty years ago, when Japanese Americans had few proponents to defend their loyalty and speak up for the American values of fairness and equality, today many have reacted quickly and knowledgeably to Malkin's outrageous claims. The JACL values and thanks all those individuals whose conscience will not abide distortions of history to suit a political agenda.


Meanwhile, Malkin vs. Eric Muller radio debate today on WHYY 91 FM in Philadelphia. Listen via Real Audio here.


This is for my fellow Californians... On August 3, the Governator released his California Performance Review (CPR) which drastically overhauls state government and proposes to abolish the Commission on Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs. The Commission was established by legislation (AB 116, 2002) authored by Asssemblymember George Nakano and co-authored by members of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus. The Commission consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor and Legislature, and is charged with advising the Governor, Legislature, state agencies, departments, and commissions on issues relating to the social and economic development, and the rights and interests of Asian Pacific Islander communities.

Governor Arnold has appointed a commission to oversee a series of statewide hearings taking place through September. Each hearing will focus on a particular subject area with a public comment period at the end. The September 27 hearing (10 a.m.- 4 p.m.) in Davis will focus on Government Reorganization (including the elimination of Boards and Commissions).

This commission will report back to the Governor with a summary of the hearings. Arnold will then decide which of the CPR proposals he will pursue.

Your letter of opposition is needed NOW to let Governor Arnold know the community is opposed to the elimination of the APIA Commission. Fax it in... You can model it after the sample letter below:

August 25, 2004

Via Facsimile: 916-445-4633

Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor of California

State Capitol, First Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Oppose Elimination of Commission on Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs (California Performance Review)

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

On behalf of [Insert name of organization], I strongly urge you to reject the California Performance Review's (CPR) recommendation to abolish the
Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) Affairs. Established in 2002, the Commission consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor and Legislature, and is charged with advising the Governor, Legislature, state agencies, departments, and commissions on issues relating to the social and
economic development, and the rights and interests of California's Asian Pacific Islander communities.

One of the CPR's goals is to increase government's accountability and responsiveness to California's residents. The APIA Commission enables our community to hold California government accountable to us. We fought to have this commission established because issues regarding our communities' culture, language, well-being and history were not being adequately represented in California's regulatory and legislative processes. The APIA Commission serves as a statewide voice to bring forward these concerns and issues to policy makers. By doing such, elected officials and government agencies can be more accountable and responsive to the APIA community.

The CPR recommends the elimination of the Commission and the transfer of its responsibilities to a newly formed Governor's Office of Community
Affairs so it can be "directly accountable to the Governor for the success or failure of the programs operated by these separate agencies."
The APIA Commission does not administer any state programs but serves as an independent advisory body to the Governor, Legislature, and other state
entities. The Commission's function is to bring together API leaders from different vocations, backgrounds, and regions of the State to give an impartial assessment of the needs of our community. The commissioners provide the Governor and Legislature unfiltered feedback about community needs that might otherwise never reach Sacramento. The establishment of a Governor's Office of Community Affairs to create focal point for access is a positive concept that could increase access for the state's many diverse communities. However, the office can compliment but not replace a commission whose role is to independently advise the Governor and Legislature.

The CPR proposal to abolish the Commission offers no value or fiscal benefit to the state. The Commission receives no state funding and is
supported entirely by private sources. The creation of an Office of Community Affairs would require a significant number of staff to adequately serve the many diverse communities, greatly outweighing the costs of the existing Commission.

We worked hard to establish the Commission on APIA Affairs so that our community's voice could be better heard in Sacramento. Please help us make
California government more accountable to our community. I urge you to reject the CPR proposal. Please feel free to contact me at [Insert phone number] if you have any questions.


[Name, Title]



cc: California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus (fax: 916-319-3628)

For more information, go to www.cpr.ca.ogv

If you're one of those lazy types, here's a quick form letter you can send: Oppose Elimination of Commission on APIA Affairs!. But it really is more effective if you write in yourself...


Two items from NPR's Tavis Smiley Show... Southern California's Little Saigon is home to tens of thousands of residents of Vietnamese heritage. This segment explores the lives of Amerasians living in Orange County: 'Amerasians': Vietnamese, American Heritage. That's part one. Here's part two: 'Amerasians': Caught Between Two Cultures

And a commentary by Elizabeth Chin: Life as an Interracial Family


This is a problem I've always had with this case... June 2003, fifteen to twenty white teenagers and young adults fling slurs and assault five Asian American teens in the Sunset, and one teen is tried and convicted? That means 95% of these fools got away free, without much chance authorities will pursue further leads. To top it off, it's unlikely this kid will be doing any time for his crime. Emil G. asks: Is SF Soft On Hate Crime?


Here's a good Mercury News article on rockstar/asskicker Jenny Choi: Independently rocking. The industry labels tried to de-Asianize her, but she said hell no.


Sentencing this week for the 17-year-old boy who took part in committing a hate crime assualt against Asian American teens might be closed to the public: Closed doors?


PopCultureShock has posted an extensive prevew of the first issue Warlock, written by my man Greg Pak. Warlock #1 hits comic book stands on September 8.


Lobo Chan will play a character called "Choy" in Peter Jackson's upcoming remake of King Kong: British Opera Singer Joins King Kong. Don't know who Choy is, but in the original 1933 film, and its sequel, Asian American actor Victor Wong played a ship's cook...


Snacky Chan's long-awaited debut LP Part of the Nation drops tomorrow, August 24. Get yours here.


NPR's Tavis Smiley talks with longtime human rights activist Yuri Kochiyama about her new book: Yuri Kochiyama: 'Passing It On'. She is an amazing woman.


So I heard from Elizabeth, the Asian American contestant on On the Road with Sugar Ray: A True Rock and Roll Story. She didn't win. And she wasn't cool with how the show played up her "traditional Asian upbringing"—trying to make her the token Asian. That's television for you.

But you will be seeing her again, at the Apollo Theater, of all places. Elizabeth will be performing at the historic Apollo Theater for Amateur Night, this Wednesday, August 25. Tickets are actually available via Ticketmaster or the box office if you want to go out and support her. Don't know when the show will actually air, but best of luck to her...


Today's LA Times has a gigantic feature on the new wave of movies coming over from Asian. Yay. The online version of the article is only available to members, but if you can your hands on a copy, it's worth checking out...


It is a sad, sad world we live in. China, embracing a cosmetic surgery boom (and the "Westernized look") now boasts what it claims is the world's first Miss Plastic Surgery contest: If You've Bought It, Flaunt It. Well, we've got The Swan, right? I don't know if that's better or worse...


A sad follow-up about the family that got deported to the Philippines after nineteen years in the Bay Area: A home they hardly knew


The Koreans! Always causing trouble at the Olympics. Well sometimes, trouble is worth making. Espcially when there's a scoring error, and a freakin' gold medal is on the line. What am I talking about? This week in the men's all-around gymnastic competition, American Paul Hamm won gold over South Koreans Kim Dae Eun (silver) and Yang Tae Young (bronze)—the first gold medal ever won by the US in this event: Hamm makes history. However, all is not well. The dispute involves bronze medalist Yang's parallel bar scores. I won't go into the math, but if the score had been displayed correctly, Yang would've actually taken the gold: Scoring probe could lead to Hamm sharing gold.

But it appears that Hamm will keep the gold: Hamm to keep all-around gold; judges suspended; Koreans angry. You're damn right the Koreans are angry. They take this stuff seriously. I am reminded of the Apollo Anton Ohno speed skating debacle from two years back. South Korea is still getting over that one. Looks like they've got a new American Olympic athlete to decry.

This guy thinks Hamm should share the gold: Hamm should share gold, not Wheaties box. Man, not even. He should get the freakin' silver.


Aw no: Authorities Investigate Dog Theft, Slayings For Meat Sales. And you just know who they'll be coming after first... Hide your pets! The white van is coming!

And I'm driving it.


Wow, Emil G. comes over to Connie Chung's side: Candid Connie. Or is it the other way around?


So, I've talked with a few industry folks... It's been several weeks after opening, and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle's made some box office money. Not a ton, but enough. Besides, I think the movie had a significance that went beyond mere box office numbers. But then again, I'm not the studio guy making the $$$ decisions. It certainly wasn't a failure, but some are definitely calling it disappointing. What went wrong? This article offers a few theories: The Future of 'Harold and Kumar'

Just wait though. Harold and Kumar is the kind of movie that'll blow up on video/DVD... watch for it in a dorm room near you.


This show sounds really interesting... Browntown—a satirical comedy that explores the issue of cultural stereotyping from the point of view of three brown-skinned actors at an audition for a less-than-original TV-movie, The Color of Terror. The actors, who are competing with one another to play the role of an Arab terrorist, grapple with their misgivings about the script. See here for more info: fringe preview


A kid star on the rise: 'Star Search' Teen Sophie Oda Now 'A Little Princess'. Future's bright...


Here's a good, long article on Asian American representation in media/entertainment: The Asian Equation. Mostly a retread of familiar themes, but there's some good information in there.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the Red Apple Child Development Center, a pre-k school that serves mainly Asian American kids doesn't deserve more funding because the owner is a convicted felon... But least 300 children and some parents joined Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) in front of the Department of Education's Manhattan offices yesterday to rally for more seats at the Center: At odds over aid for school


Please stop sending me the article about the hairy Chinese man. Like that's news. And it's just nasty.


Article on Dat Phan in the Mercury News: 'Last Comic Standing' fights stereotypes with jokes. I've always been a tentative fan of Dat Phan. I appreciate what he's doing, and I appreciate what he's managed to accomplish thus far... but when it comes to his comedy act, I'm sorry, he has yet to impress me. He's funny, but not that funny. But it's hard not to like the guy when you read an article like this. He comes off like an intelligent guy, an underdog who knows the score, and he's dealing with it. Let's hope he can get himself some solid work (and better material).


A federal judge held five reporters in contempt Wednesday for refusing to identify their sources for stories about Wen Ho Lee: Wen Ho Lee Reporters Held in Contempt.


Sook-Yin Lee is in John Cameron Mitchell's new film, Shortbus: A Movie Full of Sex, With Nothing Simulated About It


Some of you have been wondering why the heck Quentin Tarantino's name is showing up in the trailers for Hero. As in "QUENTIN TARANTINO PRESENTS HERO." What does he have to do with the movie? Short answer: nothing. Just another crappy marketing ploy to get butts in the seats. Apparently, U.S. audiences can't watch Asian movies without the name-stamp approval of an American filmmaker.

Update: I take back what I said, sort of. Tarantino did have a hand in bringing Hero to American audiences. I think Miramax would've distributed it in some form anyway, though it's unlikely Zhang Yimou's original version would've been the one to hit theaters. This upcoming release is in its uncut form, thanks to some advocacy on the part of Tarantino (same deal as a few years back with the release of Iron Monkey). Still, it doesn't change the fact that we have such a hard time getting Asian films shown in U.S. without having to battle it out with studios, and the name-stamp of a director like Tarantino... I suppose it's just preferable these days to buy the remake rights...


Eh. According to Page Six, model/actress Devon Aoki is the first artist to sign to Shyne's Gangland Records. Sorry, I am underwhelmed.


Hell yes. Ego Trip, the people behind the Big Book of Racism and TV's Illest Minority Moments, are slated to make three more specials for VH1 under the rubric of "Race-O-Rama": Egotistical Bastards. Proposed shows include Dude, Where's My Ghetto Pass? and Black-O-Phobia!


This is going to a be a gigantic movie: Memoirs of a Geisha Cast Announced! Ken Watanabe, Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh, Youki Kudoh and Koji Yakusho—great, great cast, directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago), produced by Spielberg. It's a huge deal... so why am I already hating this film?

If you've been following this site, and following along with the movie adaptation progress of Memoirs, you know that I have not been a fan of this project since day one, all the way back to the publication of Arthur Golden's best-selling novel. Bleh. Get that out of here. Honestly, do we really need another white person's cinematic vision of Japan? I guess there just hasn't been enough of that lately (Lost in Translation, Kill Bill, Last Samurai, et al). Looks like there's no stopping it now... Ladies, get ready to start fielding ignorant questions about geishas.


Former Hawaii Sen. Hiram Fong died yesterday. He was 97. Fong became the first U.S. senator of Asian American descent in 1959 when Hawaii was admitted as a state, and served from 1959 until 1977: Hiram Fong dead at 97


Another 'Indians are rising up!' article: Indian culture hits American mainstream entertainment


Sandra Oh is in this movie: Sideways


Her parents told her that when her eyes were rounder and more Caucasian-like, her eyes would look even "prettier." Oh, please. From this article: There's Nothing Wrong With My Eyes. Damn right, there's nothing wrong. Asian women, you are beautiful with the eyes that God gave you! Reject the pressure for eyelid surgery! Don't believe the hype. You don't need no stinkin' blepharoplasty.


John Woo is developing his first Chinese-language film in more than a decade, The War of the Red Cliff. And Chow Yun-Fat has been offered the starring role: Woo & Yun-Fat Climb Red Cliff. Man, it's been a long time since Hard Boiled...


The National Archives Great Lakes Region announces the creation of two new databases for the so-called "Chinese Exclusion Act" records of the Immigration & Naturalization Service (RG 85). While these records have been available for research at the Great Lakes Regional Archives for several years, these finding aids will enable genealogists, scholars, academics and the general public to more fully explore the information contained within the files: NARA Presents Databases for 'Chinese Exclusion Act' (RG 85) Records


The 2004 Summer Olympics are currently underway in Athens... Here's a rough list of Asian American athletes competing on behalf of Team USA, compiled by the intrepid Ben Kim:

Probably missed a few...

And here's an AP article on table tennis player Khoa Nguyen: Vietnamese Man Makes Second Olympics Trip


Last month Zhao Yan, a 37-year-old Chinese businesswoman, was beaten and doused with pepper spray by a homeland security inspector while on a tourist visit to Niagara Falls. The inspector apparently believed that she was part of a drug deal and that she resisted arrest. Reactions to the assault reveal the troubling disconnect between Chinese and American societies: Dismantling the Wall


Okay, this is very very short notice, but we got some free tickets for Sunday's Anaheim Angels/Detroit Tigers game, generously donated by AsianAthlete.com. Available to anybody out there in the Riverside/San Bernardino area (or willing to drive out there to pick them up). The tickets are for Sunday, 1:05 pm, Anaheim Angels vs. Detroit Tigers. Lower level, near the right field foul pole (slightly obstructed view), $25 face value, but free to you beautiful people.

To get your hands on some tickets, email info@AsianAthlete.com, with a phone number you can be contacted at tonight, and how late it's OK to call you back. You'll have to pick up the tickets tonight before 3:00am in Colton, CA (near Riverside/San Bernardino), or tomorrow morning 10:00am - noon.

Brought to you courtesy of the fine folks at AsianAthlete.com. Oh, want to be eligible for other freebies? Register as a member
with AsianAthlete.com. No cost and SPAM-free. Tell them AAM sent ya.


Jin is AOL Music's Hot Pick of the Week.


Hey, it's my favorite 21 Jump Street alum! (Forget that Johnny Depp dude.) Dustin Nguyen as Cate Blanchett's ex-lover: Nguyen Aboard Blanchett's Little Fish


NPR story on LA's Koreatown: Koreatown a Bustling Part of Downtown L.A.. Part of a larger Morning Edition series on the diversity of Los Angeles (see "Related NPR Stories").


Gross: Dog(meat) Days... or Would You Prefer Chicken?. Oh, those crazy Koreans.


Point-counterpoint, from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:

Rethinking the wisdom
of Japanese-American internment
by Michelle Malkin

Another View by David Forman


Got this invite in the mailbox...

You are invited to<


"Stand-up for Diversity"

New York Showcase




669 8th Avenue (at 42nd St.)

NBC will hand pick a multi-ethnic group of top comedians from a New York open call to present to you in a special, one-evening only event hosted by FINESSE MITCHELL from "Saturday Night Live."

If you're looking for fresh, funny, unsigned talent that is ready for primetime, you'd better not miss this showcase!

R.S.V.P to Damona Resnick at damona.resnick@nbcuni.com

If you're in NYC next week, it sounds like it could be fun (and important).


So maybe you're thinking your TRL vote for "The Apl Song" didn't do squat. Not quite true. Here's what actually happened on July 26: The Apl Song Crew

There is more voting to be done. "The Apl Song" debuted at Number 59 this week on Yahoo's Launch Top 100 Music Videos. The rankings are calculated by how many times the video is viewed on their site and how high their viewer rating is. So, to vote for the video, visit http://www.kidheroes.net/aplsongvideo.htm. Choose the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER version.
This will take you directly to the video hosted on launch.yahoo.com. After logging in with a Yahoo account, you can rank the video. And there you go.


Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, who led the league with 16 hits and 22 total bases batting .516, has been named the winner of the Bank of America Presents the American League Player of the Week for the week of August 2-8: Ichiro wins BOA American League Player of the Week Award


Apparently, the latest fan of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is Quentin Tarantino... Here's another good Harold and Kumar article on FilmStew.com: Kumar's Unknown Quantity


Marion Ginelsa, who starred as the main elder in "The Apl Song" music video, passed away due to natural causes on Saturday, August 7. He was 83.


Another reminder, in case you weren't aware: JENNY CHOI KICKS ASS. She's back with another installment of the Asians In Rock (AIR) Tour, featuring Jenny, with Mike Park (Asian Man/Plea For Peace), and a bunch of a other bands along the way. So check it out, and tell them I sent you.


Yay. A new video game lets you kill virtual North Koreans. From the Mercenaries website:

Mercenaries is a revolutionary, 3rd person action-shooter game set in the near future and inspired by real world events. On the eve of a historic reunification of North and South Korea, a ruthless general stages a military coup to take control of North Korea and threatens the world with nuclear war. The international community launches a global task force to stabilize the region. However, when diplomatic efforts collapse and the region descends into anarchy they announce a one hundred million dollar bounty on the North Korean general and his top military and scientific advisors. The targets are identified in a ìmost wantedî list in the form of a 52-card deck of playing cards. As one of the top operatives for a private mercenaries company called Executive Operations, you have been called in to collect on these bounties.

And see here for a list of Evil Koreans: Clubs. Neato. Available in early 2005 from LucasArts.


Just so you know, Dat Phan will be appearing on the season finale of Last Comic Standing tomorrow night.


Fascinating Washington Post article about a conflict over a t-shirt line... Visionz is a popular, growing line of urban sportswear out of DC. It also happens to be owned by a Korean-born entrepreneur: Tempest in A T-Shirt


Really interesting story from NPR's Morning Edition on the city of Artesia, CA: Inside the Melting Pot of L.A. County


Think I mentioned this movie before... It looks like indie film Mail Order Wife (formerly titled "Mail Order Bride") has been picked up for distribution, and slated to be released in February: First Independent to Send Out "Mail Order Wife". It stars Eugenia Yuan, Adrian Martinez and Andrew Gurland, and is about "a single Queens man who tires of the dating scene and decides to order a wife from a catalogue of Asian women. Sweetening the deal is a filmmaking team who agree to pay the expensive fees involved so that they can document his experience, but when his beautiful bride arrives surprises are in store." I don't know, does this sound good to you?


I am in agreement with this article: CHAN'S NEXT BIG STUNT: REINVENTION. Jackie Chan's career is in serious need of a revamp.


Here's Juan Williams' NPR interview with John Cho and Kal Penn: 'Harold and Kumar': Busting Stereotypes in Film. Well, more like John and Kal interviewing each other.


Here's a TIME interview with a Federal Air Marshall who was actually on the Flight 327 with Crazy Annie Jacobsen and the fourteen Syrian musicians: An Air Marshal's View of Flight 327. Their conclusion: "Bottom line, there was never a time when my main partner or I felt there was an imminent threat to that airplane or the passengers." Like I've said, sometimes fourteen Syrian musicians on a plane are just fourteen Syrian musicians on a plane.

Oh, and in case your curious, the musicians in question were the backup band for Nour Mehana, aka The Syrian Wayne Newton


Fan Q & A with Chicago Cubs third base coach Wendell Kim: Wendell Kim stands tall at third base


I'm trying to write this, resisting the urge to throw my laptop out the window. Why? Michelle Malkin. Her latest diatribe in the New York Post takes some cheap shots at Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, trivializing his internment experience and suggesting that it shades his judgement with regards to racial profiling: SAD OBSESSION. I could barely get through the entire article, because it's crazy talk... IS THIS WOMAN FOR REAL?

But here are some really interesting observations and musings on Malkin's crap over at Eric Muller's blog: www.isthatlegal.org. Muller's a law professor at UNC.


I could have sworn I posted something about this last week, but when I checked back the entry had magically disappeared... (More likely, I accidentally overwrote it). Anyway, guerilla indie filmmakers Commando Films recently made a huge update to their website, with lots of sweet new content. So check it out: www.commandofilms.com


Time of Fear is a documentary that tells the story of World War II Japanese American internment camps in Arkansas. It'll air on public television next year: Film to Tell Story of Japanese Camps


For a little more crazy in your day, look no further than to Annie Jacobsen. WomensWallStreet.com has published a Part III of "Terror in the Skies, Again?" Really, lady. Get over yourself. And you gotta love it—she even cites our new favorite writer Michelle Malkin.

And once again, here's Patrick Smith's response on Salon.com (use the day pass to read the full article)


This politician doesn't even TRY to hide the fact that he's racist: Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tenn. James L. Hart, 60, vows if elected to work toward keeping "less favored races" from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that "poverty genes" threaten to turn the United States into "one big Detroit." And people voted for this guy?? That's racist! (And offensive to the people of Detroit)


Interesting footnote about Jap Road's recent change to "Boondocks Road": the word "boondocks" comes from a Tagalog word, "bundok." From the Online Etymology Dictionary:

boondocks - 1910s, from Tagalog bundok "mountain." Adopted by occupying American soldiers in the Philippines for "remote and wild place." Reinforced or re-adopted during World War II. Hence, also boondockers "shoes suited for rough terrain" (1953).

And look here: Word of the Day: Tuesday 9 December 2003


The Macquarie ABC Dictionary defines boondocks as "a remote suburb or rural area." So, if your firm decides to relocate the office in which you work to some low rent outer suburb, you might complain that "the office has been moved to the boondocks." Boondocks is a US slang term and is a corruption (or an English adaptation) of a Tagalog word meaning "mountain." The original Tagalog word was bundok. (Tagalog is one of the languages of the Philippines ñ an indigenous Malayo-Philippine language that is the mother tongue of some ten million Filipinos. Tagalog is the basis for the official national language, which is now called Filipino. The Philippines was an American protectorate for some years, and the word bundok was adopted by American marines serving in the Philippines.) When first transferred to America bundok, or boondock, meaning (literally) "mountain" was used to mean any rough country, jungle, or wild or isolate region. It's recorded in that sense from 1944. By the 1950s it had come to mean any relatively isolated place.

You learn something new every day...


I think I might've forgotten to mention this... The Charlie Chan Chanthology, a DVD box set, was released last month. The set features six crappy Charlie Chan movies: The Secret Service, The Chinese Cat, The Jade Mask, Meeting at Midnight The Scarlet Clue, and The Shanghai Cobra. I am in no way encouraging you to buy it, but if you've never seen a Charlie Chan flick, it might be good to check out just to see what the controversy is all about. Hey! That guy's not Chinese!


Sunday update for Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle... The movie's still in the Top 10 at #8. It's made about $11 million in nine days. But today, Sunday, the studios will be looking at the film to see if it has any staying power. DON'T wait for the DVD. Don't relegate this movie to DVD status. If you haven't already seen this movie, or maybe you liked it, and want to see it again, head on down to box office this afternoon. Beat the heat in a nice, air-conditioned movie theater, and buy a ticket to Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

This is little late (sorry, I've been busy), but two messages urging you again to see the movie. The first, from John Cho:

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Thank you to everyone who has seen "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle." We are deeply appreciative.

To you and to those who haven't seen it, we need your help in spreading the word on our movie over the week. This week, the week after the movie opened leading into the second weekend, is perilous. Newline was convinced that the movie would perform well enough to put this movie on 2000 screens. We need your help to keep the enthusiasm going over the coming days.

As an actor, I meet more than my share of Asian Americans, and an issue that seems paramount to many is the lack of representation in American cinema. I recall that the vacuum of Asians speaking English without accents in movies and television was a topic that would overrun discussions in my college Asian American studies classes, though we began by talking about literature or government. I wondered why the focus? I concluded that Asian Americans felt that pop culture was the great symbolic glass ceiling. We feel well represented in literature, medicine and law. We are making strides in athletics and government. But pop culture seems to be lagging behind noticeably. And that, in America, more than anything else in this and the last century, is our common culture. We sense perhaps that it may be the most powerful way to be heard.

This movie, solely on the basis of scale (read: number of screens), is our greatest opportunity at making a dent in that culture. In terms of content, the movie has two Asian American leads, whose culture and ethnicity are neither unnecessarily highlighted nor ignored, speaking without accents and making people laugh. It's a pop revolution wearing a very silly disguise.

I think it's unfair, but we have been unwittingly handed an election. You can either vote to see more by buying a ticket, or you can vote against it by refraining from buying a ticket. There is no middle ground. Apathy, in the financially focused mind of Hollywood, is the same as a vote against.

However, I also view this week as an opportunity to hope bigger than we ever have. Just as Chan is Missing was an opportunity, just as The Joy Luck Club was an opportunity, just as Better Luck Tomorrow was an opportunity, Harold and Kumar represents a moment of potential action, of potential voice.

I thank you for seeing the movie if you've already seen it. And I encourage you to see it if you haven't. If you like it, if you laughed, please tell your friends.

Thank You

John Cho

This one's from Kal Penn:

Dear Peeps:

Remember when "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" came out and no one would sit next to you in school because they thought you had monkey-brains and snakes in your sandwich???

That happened to me, and I'm sure to a bunch of you also (if you're brown and were in school when that movie came out). The images we see in the media have a crazy impact on all of us. Unfortunately, most of us within the South Asian American community have had negative experiences with media images.

I'm writing this email to simultaneously extend a heartfelt "Thanks" to those of you who went out to see "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" this past week, and to encourage those of you who haven't gone yet to please buy a ticket, have some fun, and affect positive change.

The reason we keep sending emails like this is two-fold. Number one, I think this is a kick-ass movie that you'll have fun watching - and so do a lot of other people. I might be biased since I'm IN the film, so I'll quote my mom (she loved it too). I believe her words were, "Very nice beta." She was joined by Ebert & Roeper who gave us "Two Thumbs Up" (the physical gesture, not the Indian soda). A.O. Scott from the NY Times loved it, as did the LA Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Village Voice, Washington Post, and more than 75 other papers and magazinesÖ I mention those just in case you don't trust my mom (ALWAYS trust my mom, by the way. She's "always right, ok?").

"Harold and Kumar" is a 'word of mouth' film - that means that people who have seen the movie have overwhelmingly enjoyed it and are recommending it to their friends. Number two, whether we like it or not, the box office success or failure of "Harold and Kumar" will determine opportunities for and depictions of South Asian Americans in entertainment in the immediate and long-term futures.

It's very simple. If you want to see a REALLY funny movie, go see "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle". If you want to see bad Indian accents and degrading stereotypes, then don't. I hope you'll choose the former and take all of your friends to enjoy the first studio film ever to positively feature two Asian-American dudes! And the cool part is, it's not even about thatÖ it's just a funny movie about two all-American guys on a road trip. We have great cameos, fun characters, and an entertaining plot. And with your continued support, this won't be the last time. I hope you'll join us on our road trip, and in making a positive impact on the media.

Thank you for seeing "Harold and Kumar"! I hope you enjoy it.

-Kal Penn (aka Kalpen Modi)

Kumar of "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle"


If you haven't already noticed, probably the worst thing about Michelle Malkin and her views on the internment: she too is Asian American. Oh! The self-hate! Why's she gotta sell us out like that? And I don't make that accusation lightly. Not convinced? Read on: The Malkin Media Diversity Test. It's a sad, sad world we live in. But don't worry too much about her—as someone noted to me, she's essentially a less famous, poorly marketed version of Ann Coulter. Or even better, crazy Annie Jacobsen (to be fair, I think Malkin is less crazy). The two should go live in a shack somewhere together until America becomes the Safe Whitey-White Land they dream about.

Malkin was in Seattle on Friday to promote her book: Book defends WWII internment of Japanese Americans, racial profiling. With the risk of giving her more publicity than she really deserves, I point you to her blog/website, where you read more of her screwy ramblings: michellemalkin.com

Finally, some funny Photoshopped parodies of Malkin's book: catch.com (scroll down)


Squeezing out every last drop of his proverbial fifteen minutes, American Idol reject William Hung is doing the big-in-Asia thing: William Hung keeps his star shining by taking act across Pacific. A freakin' movie??


This is bad, real bad. Michelle Malkin is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of a new book, In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror. She writes, "Everything you've been taught about the 'Japanese American Internment' in America is wrong. It's time to correct the record." She goes on to make the case for internment based on the U.S. government's national security concerns, and in particular, the threat of espionage. From the publisher's spin:

Everything you've been taught about the World War II "internment camps" in America is wrong:

- They were not created primarily because of racism or wartime hysteria

- They did not target only those of Japanese descent

- They were not Nazi-style death camps

In her latest investigative tour-de-force, New York Times best-selling author Michelle Malkin sets the historical record straight-and debunks radical ethnic alarmists who distort history to undermine common-sense, national security profiling. The need for this myth-shattering book is vital. President Bush's opponents have attacked every homeland defense policy as tantamount to the "racist" and "unjustified" World War II internment. Bush's own transportation secretary, Norm Mineta, continues to milk his childhood experience at a relocation camp as an excuse to ban profiling at airports. Misguided guilt about the past continues to hamper our ability to prevent future terrorist attacks. In Defense of Internment shows that the detention of enemy aliens, and the mass evacuation and relocation of ethnic Japanese from the West Coast were not the result of irrational hatred or conspiratorial bigotry. This document-packed book highlights the vast amount of intelligence, including top-secret "MAGIC" messages, which revealed the Japanese espionage threat on the West Coast. Malkin also tells the truth about:

- who resided in enemy alien internment camps (nearly half were of European ancestry)

- what the West Coast relocation centers were really like (tens of thousands of ethnic Japanese were allowed to leave; hundreds voluntarily chose to move in)

- why the $1.65 billion federal reparations law for Japanese internees and evacueeswas a bipartisan disaster

- and how both Japanese American and Arab/Muslim American leaders have united to undermine America's safety.

With trademark fearlessness, Malkin adds desperately needed perspective to the ongoing debate about the balance between civil liberties and national security. In Defense of Internment will outrage, enlighten, and radically change the way you view the past-and the present.

Read this column, from Malkin's website: IN DEFENSE OF INTERNMENT. She claims that she aims to "kick off a vigorous national debate on what has been the most undebatable subjects in American history and law." She goes on to say that she was compelled to write the book ever since she questioned President Clinton's decision to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Japanese American soldiers based primarily on "claims of racial discrimination."

You've got to be kidding me. I'm tempted to pick up the book, just to be imformed and read her arguments. But it's pissing me off. Get that out of here.


NPR story on San Francisco police chief Heather Fong: Heather Fong, the S.F.P.D.'s New Leader


Putting the "F" back in Freedom. It's the trailer for Team America: World Police. Yes, puppets. And yes, that is the evil Kim Jong Il you see, in full puppet glory.


A 60-year-old Japanese man flying to Ohio was arrested after a passenger saw him writing down the words "suicide bomb." But he was released without charge—turns out it was an impromptu English exercise: Japanese man arrested after writing 'suicide bomb'.


They're not even hiding it now... According to the Arizona Daily Star, President Bush's re-election campaign insisted on knowing the race of a journalist assigned to photograph Vice President Dick Cheney: Bush camp solicits race of Star staffer. A campaign spokesman said the information was needed for "security purposes." Really? Was the photographer's name, Momta Popat, just a liiiittle too ethnic for ya? Photog's race just 'personal identifier'. If you HAVE to know, Popat is of Indian descent.


Another blip in the beef with Chink's Steaks... In this month's issue of Philadelphia Magazine, "Best of Philly 2004," they highlight the city's "Worst Complaint" on page 139:

"A few Asian-Americans decided that Chink's, a cheese-steak joint in the Northeast that's been in business for 50-some years, has an offensive name. What's next--Jews complain about Hymie's? Brain surgeons against Zipperhead?"

I don't think they get the point. Obviously, whoever wrote this has never been called "chink" themselves. If you want to tell the editors what's up, holler back at them:


215-656-3502 (fax)

Metrocorp (Philadelphia Magazine's Sales Rep)

David H. Lipson Jr, President

@ Metrocorp

1818 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103


If you have no idea what I'm talking about, get up to speed and read about the Chink's Steaks controversy at perilmovement.com and ChinksSteaks.com.


It's official. The road formerly known as Jap shall now be called Boondocks Road: Jefferson County changes road's name. Ridiculous.All that fuss about honoring the history behind "Jap"? A bunch of crap. That's racist!


Some people have expressed their disappointment that Harold and Kumar only ranked #7 at the box office over the weekend. I say don't be too bummed. Come on, starring two likeable yet relatively unknown actors, it was opening against the new M. Night Shymalan film, along with competition from Denzel Washington and Jason Bourne and the like. To me, its numbers are pretty respectable. I'm telling you, the movie's got massive word-of-mouth appeal. People will see, and they'll be talking about this one for a while. So if you liked it, keep telling folks to check it out.

Here's a message from Jonathan Hurwitz, one of the screenwriters of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle:


August 2, 2004

Dear Friends,

As you may or may not know, my movie "HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE"
opened this past weekend. Due to the intense competition, as
well as a lack of awareness about the movie in many parts of the country, we
were a little bit disappointed by our box office numbers.

However, the exit polls the studio received for the weekend were tremendous.
The Internet word-of-mouth on the movie has been through the roof. Our
reviews were incredible! (check out www.rottentomatoes.com and look up "Harold and
Kumar"). And the movie only dropped 3% at the box office from Saturday into
Sunday -- an unheard of figure. Usually movies drop 30% or more from Saturday to Sunday.
Why did "Harold & Kumar" outperform so much on Sunday?


The movie had such a strong Sunday because of people like you -- people who
supported the movie by seeing it this weekend or by telling others how much
they loved it.

In order for the movie to be the success we'd all like, New Line needs to see
that Sunday's trend was very, very real. That means, we need to have people
show up at the box office this week (PARTICULARLY TODAY).

We need to prove that America wants to see our little movie starring two
Asian American leads.

So, if you haven't seen the movie yet, I urge you to please see the movie

If you've seen the movie and plan to see it again, I urge you to see it again
sooner rather than later.

And finally, please continue to spread the "Harold and Kumar" love to anyone
you know who happens to enjoy laughing. I have a feeling most of you know a
few people who enjoy that sensation, so why not encourage them to have an hour
and a half of laughter tonight? They will thank you/hug you for it.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported the film. I truly appreciate



Co-Writer Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Heard enough? Go to the movie, have some fun. That said, let me also give a shout-out to the people who've been heavily involved in the marketing and publicity for Harold and Kumar, tcdm. They do good work. Much love.


Capt. James Yee, the Muslim chaplain cleared of espionage charges after being imprisoned for 76 days, has resigned from the Army: Chaplain Cleared of Spying Quits Military. They throw him in jail, falsely accuse him of spying, and drag his life, career and good name through the muck. Eventually, all criminal charges against him are dropped. He never even got an apology. Face it, this guy got screw. If I were him, I'd quit too.


Shrinking population numbers, high intermarriage rates and the rush to assimilate have created an uncertain cultural
path for young Japanese Americans. New York Times article: Young Japanese-Americans Honor Ethnic Roots


A little yesterday, but okay. NPR story on the popularity pearl tea: Entrepreneurs Find Success in 'Bubble' Tea. Yeah, like seven years ago.


Oh, the crazy youth of America. Remember Monica Parales, that cool Asian kid dancing in Missy Elliot's "Gossip Folks" video? She's got the moves. Now she's part of the multiethnic cast of JammX Kids (I felt really old writing "JammX"), what appears to be some kind of dance instructional video series for kids. Brought to my attention by her fellow JammX Kid Evan Saucedo. Man, sign me up.


Fascinating article on the "re-appropriation" of race: Rebirth of a Word, a Film, a Slur


Article on Korean American authors Don Lee and Leonard Chang, writing good stuff: Not 'the next Amy Tan'


I'd watch this play on the strength of the title alone: Mom, Dad, I'm Living With a White Girl. Opening off-broadway this fall. By playwright Marty Chan.


A bill seeking to unveil a portrait of former Indian American congressman Dilip Singh Saund in the US Capitol building has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Saund is the only Indian American to have been elected to the House of Representatives—48 years ago: Will Indian American's portrait hang in Capitol building?


According to the New York Times, the U.S. Census Bureau has provided population data on Arab Americans to the Department of Homeland Security, including their ancestry and the cities and postal areas in which they live. While the information sharing is legal, so long as the data doesn't identify individuals, civil liberties and Arab-American groups are calling it a breach of public trust and likening it to steps taken against Japanese Americans in World War II: Homeland Security Given Data on Arab-Americans. Unfortunately, you can see where this is going... That's racist!


Maybe she was going to White Castle: Russell Simmons' Wife Faces Drug Charges


Laura Lau is part of the husband/wife team that produced the deep-sea thriller Open Water, a Sundance hit: Swimming With Sharks. Really.


Apparently, the Kerry Campaign has a lot of support from South Asian Americans: Bush or Kerry? Desis have a say. Funny, I didn't spot any of them on the DNC broadcasts.


Up against some fierce competition, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle did modest business at the box office this weekend, placing seventh and earning $5.15 million: Movie-goers crowd into 'Village'. Considering that film cost about $9 million to make, that's an okay number. Not blockbuster, but laudable. I think the numbers reflect hefty competition, more than anything. With all the critical buzz, and its mass appeal, Harold and Kumar could definitely benefit from positive word of mouth. So keep spreading the word. I mean, come on, Catwoman? Get that out of here.

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