sun and jin forever

I wanted to mention that last week's episode of Lost was a Jin/Sun-centric flashback, though it primarily focused on Sun... and man, I gotta say how wonderful an actress Yunjin Kim is, when given the chance to show it. They don't give her nearly enough to do on the show. You'll see her next starring alongside Tamlyn Tomita and Kal Penn in the short film Two Sisters, directed by Margaret Cho.

And while we're talking about the best damn Korean couple on American television... the photo above is a gigantic billboard of Daniel Dae Kim rockin' the Gap khakis, spotted last month at Hollywood and Highland. Not bad, Daniel.

And soon, you'll be seeing Sun and Jin will be immortalized as action figures from MacFarlane Toys:

That's Jin held captive by who they thought were the "Others" at the beginning of season two, and Sun in her memorable bikini from the episode "...In Translation." Man, how come the Mr. Eko and Sawyer figures look so badass, and the Jin figure makes him look like a tool? He's tied to a bamboo stick, freaked out and running away! Booooo. That's lame. I guess I wouldn't call them "action" figures, since they look pretty stationary. But I'll admit, I'm a big enough fan that I might geek out and buy them. According to the website, they're scheduled to be released in July.

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