rockets could lose yao for entire season (and beyond)

Bad news hanging over Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets... Yao's broken left foot has the team facing a cold, hard truth -- Yao could be out of commission all of next season and beyond: Rockets could lose Yao for season, if not longer

Multiple league execs, officials close to Yao and two doctors with knowledge of the diagnoses are describing a troubling re-fracture of his navicular bone. Three pins were inserted a year ago, but the foot cracked in the playoffs and isn’t healing. Owwwwwch.

Judging from this article, nobody -- particularly Houston's management -- appears to be very positive about the situation. It sounds like he's missing most of next season, if not the entire 82 games. And that's being optimistic.

The quiet truth is that the severity of the injury is probably much worse -- maybe even career threatening. But at this point, the Rockets aren't publicly disclosing anything specific. More here: Yao could miss entire season with foot injury.

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