free music: "what goes up" by power struggle

Check it out. Some new music for you! Like independent hip hop? Download the free track "What Goes Up" by Power Struggle, from their new full-length album Remittances, which dropped last week from Beatrock Music. Everybody likes free music. Download it here:

"What Goes Up"
Power Struggle / Remittances

Power Struggle -- rapper Nomi accompanied by producers Mister REY and Fatgums -- "reflects the life and times of workers, students, hustlers, artists, immigrants, revolutionaries, rejects, failures, redeemers and dreamers."

I previously posted the kickass track "Blood of My Heart," which is also on Remittances. I've been listening to the album over the last week, and it's just a solid, good-ass piece of hip hop, speaking to the revolutionary in us all. For more info on Power Struggle, go to the Beatrock Music website here.

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