looking for queer korean women for documentary project

I recently heard from Nina, who is currently working on a documentary about queer Korean women. The project sort of focuses on giving a face and voice to the stories of queer Korean women through filmed interviews, and she's looking for subjects. Here's some background:
I started working on this project after I realized that this is a part of the queer/Korean community that is oftentimes neglected and repressed, and growing up I found it really hard to find other queer Koreans, like me. I am hoping to represent/build a community of queer Koreans through this documentary... but the reason why I am making this documentary is also the reason why I can't seem to find very many to interview, haha...

I'm hoping to find at least ten people to interview (I'm restricting myself to the LA county & surrounding areas) and meet with, and I would like to represent a variety of perspectives. In particular I am having trouble finding queer Koreans who are much younger (younger than 20), much older, transgender, and mixed -- though, of course, I would love to hear from any queer Korean women, even if they are living outside of this area.
If you are a queer Korean woman, particularly located around the Los Angeles/Koreatown area, and you're interested in taking part and being interviewed for this project, contact Nina Ki at aperfectstrang3r@gmail.com.

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