mystery hero saves woman from oncoming train

Wow! In New York, an unidentified good Samaritan saved Jessica Oshita from being crushed by an L train in Union Square after she fainted an tumbled onto the tracks on Monday night: Good Samaritan rushes off into night after saving Jessica Oshita from oncoming L train. Who is this mysterious hero?
The hero courageously jumped onto the tracks and made a nick-of-time rescue after Brooklyn photographer Jessica Oshita, 26, fell suddenly Monday night.

"I think this whole thing is a miracle," Oshita's mother, Sue Oshita, told the Daily News from her home in Hawaii. "He is a guardian angel."

Oshita's fall left her unconscious and lying face-down on the tracks, blood pouring from her head. The hero had little time to rescue her - perhaps less than a minute, one witness said - but he was cool under pressure.

He first tried to lift Oshita onto the platform, police sources said, citing accounts provided by at least two witnesses.

But before he could pull off the rescue, he heard the rumbling of the oncoming Manhattan-bound train and was forced to make a split-second switch to Plan B.

It proved to be a life-saver.

As the train approached, the hero placed Oshita's body in the well between the rails and then quickly hoisted himself onto the platform, the sources said.

The hero - described by cops only as a black man - then disappeared quietly into the night.

"He has not been identified," a police source said last night.
Mystery hero, who are you? Please make yourself known. It looks like Jessica is going to be okay, and she and her family would like to thank you in person: Hoping to Find, and Thank, a Subway Hero.

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