the real biggest loser

I've written Terrance Watanabe before. He's the guy who's suing Harrah's Entertainment for all the money he gambled away to them. How much? $204 million. $204 MILLION in a single year at two Harrah's casinos, the Rio and Caesars Palace: Vegas' Biggest Loser's Losses Now Over $200 Million. That is crazy.
"Nobody's ever lost that much in a commercial casino before," University of Nevada, Las Vegas, professor William Thompson told AOL News. "Nobody ever gambles that much and loses."

For Watanabe, the ordeal continues. His losses include $14.75 million that Harrah's contends he still owes the company. He is scheduled to go on trial July 12 on four felony charges that he passed bad checks when markers he had signed were returned by his bank because of insufficient funds.

He faces as much as 28 years in prison under a unique Nevada law that allows the Clark County district attorney's office to recover a casino's bad debts. The district attorney's office receives a 10 percent cut of any money it recovers.
This guy is a loser. Literally. And in addition to all the money he's lost and still owes, he's facing as much as 28 years in prison for writing bad checks.

This guy's story is like the opposite of Bringing Down the House. Except when Kevin Spacey makes the movie version, you actually hope they change the character into a white guy, because he's such a loser.

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