ktown cowboys episode eight

Wrapping the night up, here is Episode Eight, the final installment of the comedy webseries Ktown Cowboys. Directed by Daniel DPD Park and written by Danny Cho, it tells the story of one guys' epic crash-course introduction to Los Angeles' Koreatown over the course of one fateful evening. Here's part eight:

In this installment, More mic-rocking, and an eventful night comes to a close. But stick around after the credits roll -- they've got some funny outtakes, as well as a preview (aaaall the way at the end) of a possible bonus installment of Ktown Cowboys... guest starring Bobby Lee.

And that's it! Need to catch up with the story? The whole thing makes a lot more sense if you start from the beginning of the night. Be sure to watch Episode One, Episode Two, Episode Three, Episode Four, Episode Five and Episode Six, Episode Seven. For more information about Ktown Cowboys, go to the website here.

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