middle school only allows whites to be class president

Saw this last Friday on Jezebel, so I'm a little late posting this, but it's just too outrageous not to share... So, at Nettleton Middle School in Mississippi, school rules dictate that only white students can be class president: Middle School Only Allows Whites To Be Class President.

This is absolutely not a joke. As you can see in the guidelines above, the highest office a black student can aspire to is 8th grade vice president. So what happens if an Asian or Latino kid shows up at Nettleton? Does he/she get counted as black or white? Or do they not get to run at all?

Since all this hit the fan last week, the school has reportedly reversed its policy, saying it was a rotation put into place thirty years ago to ensure diversity. Apparently, nobody realized it was racist until a couple of days ago! More here: Want to Be Class President in Mississippi? You Need to Be White.

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