trial date set in robert wone wrongful death lawsuit

Here's a bit of an update on the Robert Wone murder case... As you may remember, back in June all three defendants were found not guilty of obstruction of justice and evidence tampering. Wone's widow is now pursuing a wrongful death suit against the three men: Robert Wone Wrongful Death Civil Trial Could Begin in June 2011.

The judge acquitted housemates Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky, saying she believed that the defendants know who killed Wone in August 2006, but that the prosecution failed to prove that they did.

In other words, everybody knows that the housemates were involved in something hella shady that went down that night. They just couldn't prove it.

No one has ever been charged with killing Wone. The obstruction and evidence tampering charges were the best the prosecution could come up with. Wone's widow, Kathy Wone, filed the civil suit against the three men back in November 2008. The trial date has been set for June 13, 201: Wone trial date set.

To learn more about the Robert Wone murder investigation, and to follow the detailed developments in the trial, go to Who Murdered Robert Wone? The site seeks "answers to the mystery of Robert Wone's murder and in finding justice for his memory and legacy."

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