more students attacked in philadelphia

More news of school violence out of Philadelphia... Last week at Edward W. Bok Technical High School, two Asian American students were reportedly kicked and punched in between classes by a group of ten bullies: 2 Chinese-American students attacked at Bok.

The attack was apparently part of a preplanned freshmen hazing ritual. Philadelphia police are taking the incident seriously, and have charged one of the bullies with assault and related offenses. However, authorities claim the attack wasn't racially motivated.
But the hallway rumble wasn't written off as a boys-will-be-boys coming of age tale. Philadelphia police charged one of the bullies, 14, with assault and related offenses, said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore. That student has been suspended and could face expulsion, Gallard said.

Although that student is black and both victims are Chinese-Americans, authorities don't believe the incident was racially motivated, like the violence that plagued Asian students at South Philadelphia High School last year, Gallard said.

Bok officials received calls from parents on Friday morning, Gallard said, about rumors of freshmen hazing that was supposed to unfold at Bok, at 9th and Mifflin streets, and at Edison and George Washington high schools. There were no reported problems at the other schools.

Gallard said the Bok students were set upon on their way to class about 10:15 a.m. as chants of, "Freshmen! Freshmen!" filled the halls. The 14-year-old was pummeled when he tried to come to the aid of his friend.

"A school police officer broke up the fight," Gallard added. "We apprehended one student, and we're trying to ID another."
Welcome to Bok High School. Meet my fist. I don't understand how authorities can be so quick to determine the attack wasn't racially motivated. Two Asian kids get sent to the hospital, and the cops dismiss it just like that? Does someone actually have to utter racial slurs while kicking the crap out of someone for the assault to be deemed "racially motivated"? More here: Two immigrant students attacked at Bok.

Last week's attack recalls a similar incident earlier this year, when an Asian teenager wearing a school shirt was chased and punched on the street by a group of about 15 African Americans: 2d attack on Asian students reported near Bok.

Does anyone else see a pattern here? This isn't about one or two incidents. It's about a pervasive, ongoing struggle. Attack after attack after attack, and everybody on the receiving end consistently just happens to be Asian?

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