call for submissions: angry poetry corner

Calling all you lovely Angry Asian Poets! It's time to get even more poetic up in here. We want your poems to showcase on the Angry Poetry Corner.

Got some poetry to share with the world? Submit up to three pieces for review by Friday, August 10, 11:59 pm EDT for a chance for your work to be featured on this site. Here are the guidelines:
1. The subject of your poem does not have to be angry. Identity, love, culture -- anything, as long as it isn't hateful.

2. The word limit isn't strict, but keep it under 700 words.

3. Write a short bio (about 2-3 lines), and include any necessary links so folks can find you.
E-mail all submissions (3 max) in .pdf format to cara@angryasianman.com. Do not send them to the Angry Asian Man, or you will be publicly shamed in couplet form. Submitting does not guarantee being featured. And remember, stay poetically angry.

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