noose found hanging at ucsf

Last week, news broke that administrators at UCSF have been dealing with a racially charged incident prompted by a noose found hanging in a storeroom earlier this month: Noose hung in UCSF warehouse.

On July 10, a large noose was found hanging inside a UCSF Medical Center warehouse for facilities management. According to reports, the person responsible is an Asian American worker who apparently hung it up as a prank.

From UCSF's press release:
At the request of Renee Navarro, MD, PharmD, UCSF’s vice chancellor for Diversity and Outreach, this offensive act is being investigated as a hostile work environment incident. UCSF does not tolerate acts of discrimination, intimidation or hostility and is strongly committed to fostering an atmosphere that supports diversity, equity and inclusion. Upon the conclusion of this investigation, appropriate action will be taken.

An extensive UCSF Police investigation was also immediately undertaken and concluded there was no evidence of a crime. UCSF Police presented the matter to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office for additional review. The District Attorney’s Office also determined that a crime had not taken place and declined to file charges.

The noose was fashioned from rope contained in the storage room, and the responsible individual said it was intended as a private prank with no malicious intention or target. The storeroom has no public access.
The guy responsible for the noose incident promptly came forward, and was placed on investigatory leave on July 12. If this was indeed a bad joke, and done without any racial malice, how stupid do you have to be to even think that was a good idea? More here: UCSF Investigates Offensive Workplace Incident.

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