Jeremy Lin defeats snowstorm, makes it to Sundance screening

He made it. Jeremy Lin, the superstar subject of the feature documentary Linsanity, was scheduled to appear at the film's final screening last night at the Sundance Film Festival. But with a snowstorm coming down outside, grounding planes, it seemed like the weather might foil those plans.

But according to director Evan Jackson Leong, "If you've seen the film, you know nothing is going to stop Jeremy Lin - even a snowstorm": Snowstorm can't keep Jeremy Lin from Sundance screening.

The Rockets happened to be scheduled to play the Utah Jazz tonight -- perfect timing for the man himself to attend Sunday night's screening. But the snowstorm left Jeremy and his teammates grounded last night in Grand Junction, Colorado as they were trying to fly to Salt Lake City.

As the film got started at 6:30, the Linsanity Facebook page reported that the Rockets were delayed, then posted the update that Jeremy was "in the air," expressing hope that he might make it in time for the Q&A.

And he made it. Jeremy reportedly slipped into the back of the theater in the final minutes of the screening, just in time to join the director and producers on stage to take questions from the audience.

Linsanity is a wonderful, inspirational crowdpleaser, and it's awesome that the lucky audience in Salt Lake City got a chance to hear from the man himself after seeing his amazing story unfold on screen. Hopefully, everyone else will soon be able to see the film too.

By the way, you can actually help the filmmakers out by pitching in a few bucks on Kickstarter.

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