Jeremy Lin will attend the Sundance Film Festival

It's official. Jeremy Lin will attend the Sundance Film Festival next weekend for the final screening of Evan Jackson Leong's documentary Linsanity: Jeremy Lin to attend Sundance Film Festival.

The film, which chronicles Jeremy's rise unexpected rise from NBA benchwarmer to international basketball superstar, premiered last Sunday in Park City, Utah. Jeremy, who will happen to be in town with the Rockets to play the Utah Jazz, will reportedly attend the January 27 screening with some of his teammates.

This will be happening at the tail-end of Sundance, when the hype has usually died down a bit, but a guest appearance by Jeremy Lin on the festival's final day will definitely be... well, Linsane. Good times. Oh, and here's The Hollywood Reporter's review of the film: Linsanity: Sundance Review.

Meanwhile, a reminder that the folks behind Linsanity are currently in the throes of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds towards finishing the film. Licenses and all that ain't cheap, yo. Why not kick in a few bucks and support this extraordinary project?

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