Victory Gardens Theater presents Disconnect, January 25 - February 24

Hey, Chicago. Catch Disconnect, a play about a fortysomething Illinois employee who is transferred to the fourth floor of his building to work with bright young graduates, and about call center employees in Chennai India. The play opens on January 25 and runs until February 24 at the Zacek McVay Theater at Victory Gardens.

If you see the performance on Thursday, January 31, there will be a discussion afterwards about the La Jolla Playhouse production of Nightingale, nontraditional casting, and cultural appropriation. Here's more information:


by Anupama Chandrasekhar
directed by Ann Filmer
Jan 25- Feb 24, 2013
Zacek McVay Theater

"A marvel...Disconnect is the Glengarry Glen Ross of our day.” — The Independent

Fortysomething Avinash is hopelessly out of step in a company that demands success, energy and youth. To bring his game up, he is transferred to work with the bright young graduates in Illinois—down on the fourth floor. In the windowless, nighttime offices of a call center in Chennai, India, is a bustling world of energetic Indian workers dreaming the American Dream and faking U.S. accents to target their American “marks” maxed out on credit cards. Anupama Chandrasekhar’s Disconnect is a powerful and witty drama about the consequences of consumer culture and the intricacies of our interconnected global economy.


A Town Hall Discussion

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 • Postshow

Alarms went off in a recent La Jolla Playhouse production of Nightingale when white actors played Asian characters. In Chicago, the issue was raised with Oak Park's Circle Theatre's Bollywood treatment of Pippin. Where do we stand on nontraditional casting? Is this a form of minstrelsy or is this harmless cultural appropriation? Join us for an important town hall conversation on playing race in American theatre.
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