The Flying Elvii get down with "Uptown Funk"

Raymond Lee and his 'Honeymoon in Vegas' castmates havin' a little classroom instrument jam.

This is too fun not to share. Got this passed along by our good friend Raymond Lee, who currently plays an Elvis in the cast of Broadway's Honeymoon in Vegas. He and his fellow Flying Elvii had to get down with the "Uptown Funk," busted out some classroom instruments, and did their own super-sideburn-styled rendition of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars' ice cold/too hot hit. And it is awesome.

Check it out:

So freaking fun. Ray says they were inspired in part by The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, who frequently perform their own backstage renditions of pop songs with classroom instruments.

Fun fact: 6-year-old Bruno Mars appeared as a Little Elvis in the original 1992 movie version of Honeymoon in Vegas. Seriously. My, how things have come full circle.

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