This Week's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed.

1. Somebody got yelled at for this 'Fresh Off The Boat' tweet
Show's official Twitter account posts offensive promotional image.

2. Yale student dies in apparent suicide
20-year-old sophomore Luchang Wang was found dead in California.

3. Man killed while trying to protect mother from armed robber
Community rallies to help the family of 33-year-old Da Cong Wu

4. Chloe Kim is the X Games' youngest gold medalist ever
14-year-old snowboarder beats seven-time gold medalist Kelly Clark.

5. Who wants to see a white guy as the King of Siam?
Dallas Summer Musicals' 'The King and I' casts white actor in the role of King Mongkut.

6. Anti-Islam bus ads are being awesomely defaced by Ms. Marvel
Marvel Comics' Kamala Khan battles bad guys and bus banner bigotry in San Francisco

7. This family's homemade music video about healthy eating is the lovably dorkiest thing ever

8. Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 18: Randall Park
Hello, podcast listeners! We are back with another edition of the Sound and Fury podcast.

9. Let's celebrate Fred Korematsu Day with a Google Doodle
Sign 18 Million Rising's petition asking Google to honor a civil rights hero.

10. U.S. Army deletes "chinks" tweet
Can we please retire this expression?

Stay Angry, my friends.

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