Two students dead in double shooting at Arizona high school

15-year-old May Kieu and another student were found fatally shot in a possible murder-suicide.

In Arizona, two 15-year-old female students were killed in a double shooting Friday morning at a Glendale high school. Both reportedly died of single gunshot wounds in a possible murder-suicide.

1 of 2 girls shot to death at Independence High School in Glendale identified

One of the students was identified as May Kieu, a sophomore at Independence High School. It is being reported that Kieu's sister, Phuong Kieu, is a teacher at the school.

Police were called to the school just before 8:00 am, and arrived within two minutes to find the two girls dead in an isolated area of campus near the administration building. Both had each sustained a single gunshot wound and a weapon was found beside them. They were declared dead at the scene.

Police said they are still investigating the case, and officials could not immediately confirm how the students were connected and whether the shooting was murder or suicide. "It's tragic. Two young people are dead this morning," Breeden said.

"There were, to our knowdedge, absolutely no threats made at the school ... before, during or after," Breeden said.

The girls' bodies were found in an isolated part of campus. Each suffered a single gunshot wound, Glendale Union High School District Superintendent Brian Capistran said.

The school day had just begun, and police don't believe the killings happened while other students were watching.

"We've had no one come forward who has witnessed this incident," Breeden said.

While police have not yet confirmed how the students were connected or whether the shooting was a murder or suicide, it's being reported that Kieu and the other student were in a relationship.

According to Phuong Kieu, her sister had been friends with the other girl since elementary school. May was apprently trying to distance herself from the girl, who may have wanted them to have a dating relationship.

Other students at Independence High say the two were indeed dating, but May Kieu wanted to break it off.

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