Most Badass Art Show Ever Pays Tribute to Bruce Lee

"Bruce Lee: Spirit of the Dragon," November 3-25 at Sketchpad Gallery

Bruce fans in San Francisco, here's something you'll want to check out. Sketchpad Gallery and the Bruce Lee Foundation present Bruce Lee: Spirit of the Dragon, a group art exhibition and charity show dedicated to Bruce Lee and his teachings. It runs November 3-25, with an opening reception on Friday, November 3.

"Spirit of the Dragon" features both local and international artists, who have done work for such companies as Lucasfilm, Pixar, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, Marvel Comics, DC, IDW, Sony and more.

Featured artists include: Kim Jung Gi, Kim Hyun Jin, Nathan Anderson, Bagger43, John-Paul Balmet, Arvin Bautista, Jamie Borja, Dawn Carlos, Cryssy Cheung, Isaac Davis, Thomas Denmark, Jackson Dryden, Duke Duel, Emonic, Nikki Lukas Longfish, Dela Longfish, Steward Lee, Ben Jelter, Kevin Kwong, Frank T Lin, Brian Kistler, Robotnicc, Dean Stuart, Lloyd Thompson, Dave Yee, Carolina Zeleski, Jeeyoon Park, Le Tang, Chris Koehler, Gary Choo, Alina Chau, and Sinic Choy, to be joined by additional artists.

Here's some sample work from "Spirit of the Dragon":

Nathan Anderson

Le Tang

Kim Jung Gi

Frank T Lin

Dean Stuart

Cryssy Cheung


Proceeds from the exhibition will benefit the Bruce Lee Foundation, which provides student scholarships as well as martial arts training to at-risk and underprivileged youth. For further information about "Spirit of the Dragon," refer to the Sketchpad Gallery website and follow updates on Facebook.

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