"It's getting harder to keep my head down."

A comic on citizenship by Jin Fang.

Jin Fang is officially an American. The Austin-based artist and illustrator, who was born in Hong Kong, became a U.S. citizen on Thursday -- the first American in her family. Although she's grown up and lived in the United States for most of her life, she only recently went through the tedious, painstaking process of naturalization.

On Twitter, posted a comic sharing with her thoughts on becoming a citizen, the political factors that both worried and inspired her decision, and what pushed her to finally find her voice and take action.

"I'd be lying if I said worry or fear didn't factor into my (and my family's) decision to naturalize," Jin tweeted. "We notice xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiment rising, we see the consequences of this administration's actions on the most vulnerable communities."

She also embraces her privilege and duty to vote -- and encourages others not to take this responsibility lightly.

"Even if your politics don't align with mine, please go vote. As someone who's had to jump through hoops to get this right, it's frustrating to see voter turnout rates (especially in Texas, wtf!)"

Check it out:

Jin Fang is a character designer for animation currently working in Austin, TX. She also illustrates and occasionally makes comics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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