All The Asians On Star Trek - 23: Away Mission with Michael Golamco

The Podcast In Which We Interview All The Asians On Star Trek.

All The Asians On Star Trek is the podcast in which we interview all the Asians on Star Trek. In Episode 23 of All The Asians On Star Trek, we embark on another Away Mission, in which we invite fellow Asian American fans of Star Trek to do a deep dive into an episode of their choosing. For this edition of the Away Mission, we welcome writer Michael Golamco (Always Be My Maybe, Grimm, Nightflyers) to discuss "The Measure of a Man" from season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation -- widely considered to be one of the best episodes of the franchise. We ask some important questions: Is Data the property of Starfleet? (No.) Does Data have a soul? (Maybe.) Did Picard and Louvois get it on? (Definitely.)

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