music video: "live my life (party rock remix)" by far east movement

It's time to hop on the party bus with our globe-hopping friends in Far East Movement, who just want to show you a good time. Here's the official music video for "Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)," featuring Justin Bieber, Redfoo, that gold cardboard robot guy, and Quest Crew. Sorry, JB fans -- the Bieber doesn't actually show up anywhere in the video. But it's still fun:

I don't think I've ever seen the guys in FM dance before. Good times! Here's a FUSE TV interview the guys did explaining how the video came together: INTERVIEW W/ FAR EAST MOVEMENT ON HOW "LIVE MY LIFE" MUSIC VID HAPPENED.

Like the track? Download it from iTunes or Amazon. For further information on Far East Movement and their music, go to the FM website here.

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