See Ki Hong Lee run in 'The Maze Runner' trailer

Based on the popular sci-fi young adult book series

Whoa! Check out the newly released trailer for The Maze Runner, the upcoming feature film based on popular young adult dystopian book series of the same name by James Dashner. It's sort of got a sci-fi action Lord of the Flies vibe. You'll catch a good glimpse of actor (and former Angry Reader of the Week) Ki Hong Lee as Minho, a major character from the books. He does a lot of running in the trailer:

I haven't read the books, but I'm told by someone who is quite excited about the movie that the series is great. And this dude Minho has a fairly significant role in the story. Awesome. Then I dedicate this post to my good high school buddy, Minho, who probably grew up never expecting to share his name with a character from a major Hollywood motion picture. Here you go.

The Maze Runner will hit theaters in September from 20th Century Fox.

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