Architect arrested for planning office shooting

35-year-old Kon Jang is accused of threatening to stage a mass shooting at his workplace

Whoa. Some frightening news out of New York, where an architect was arrested last month for allegedly planning to shoot co-workers at his company's office, after learning he was going to be fired.

N.Y.-based Korean interior designer arrested after threatening mass shooting

35-year-old Kon Jang, an employee at the design firm CetraRuddy, is accused of planning to stage a mass shooting at his workplace. According to police, a colleague alerted authorities when she heard Jang making threats, claiming he "had bought a gun, that he was planning something, that it was going to be a tragedy." He also reportedly had a diagram mapping out his victims in the office.

In the NYPD report, the unnamed witness told police that Jang had said he “had bought a gun, that he was planning something, that it was going to be a tragedy, that he wanted to be on the news.”

The witness told police she saw Jang draw “Xs” at employees’ seats on a diagram of their office with a list detailing the calibers of rounds of ammunition, the report said.

NYPD found an assault rifle and fake rounds of ammunition at Jang’s apartment. He is currently being held in a detention center on a $10,000 bail.

However, Jang claims he was framed. According to his attorney, the gun that police found in Jang's apartment was a fake purchased on eBay. Jang says he'd gotten into an argument with his co-worker and she framed him by lying to police about plans of the mass shooting. He is scheduled to appear in court this week.

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