battle of the year: the dream team trailer

When you think of "dance coach," the first person who comes to mind definitely isn't Sawyer from Lost. But there he is, Josh Holloway, in the trailer for the dance flick Battle of the Year, directed by Benson K. Lee and based on his excellent 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy. Take a look:

Looking forward to seeing those badass Korean b-boys. Heck, I'd love to see another narrative feature about that crew.

I'm not crazy about watching Chris Brown in ... well, anything. And I can't say Battle of the Year is going to be compelling, life-changing cinema. But I did spot a few Quest Crew guys and a some other familiar b-boys, so you can bet there will at least be some pretty impressive breaking in this movie.

Battle of the Year: The Dream Team opens in theaters on January 25.

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