This Year's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed posts of 2016.

Here we are again. At the close of another trip around the sun. It was a hell of a year. So here are the Angriest Posts. Not necessarily the angriest, just the 100 most viewed, shared and talked about published on Angry Asian Man in 2016. As always thank you for your support of this blog. One last look back...

1. An Open Letter to the Creators of Disney's Live-Action Feature Film 'The Legend of Mulan'
Guest Post by ConcernedForMulan

2. Guy calls Jesse Watters a "racist piece of shit." To his face.
Thomas ran into the Fox News correspondent on the street. So he told him what was up.

3. No, Jennifer Murphy. You are not "neenja."
See the former Miss Oregon and ex-'Apprentice' contestant sing a racist song about ninjas. Or something.

4. Cambodian Americans from Minnesota are about to be deported to a country they’ve never been to
Guest Post by Vichet Chhuon

5. Los Angeles Times publishes letters in defense of internment
"The interned Japanese were housed, fed, protected and cared for."

6. There is a food truck actually called "White Girl Asian Food"
Serving up "deliciousness from all over Asia."

7. Ann Coulter Calls Asian Americans "Mandarins" -- and Insists It's the Correct Term
By Jenn Fang. Cross-posted from Reappropriate.

8. On Hollywood's biggest night, Asians are the joke. As usual.
I'd like to thank the Academy for inviting Asians to serve as comic props for tired, terrible jokes.

9. Matt Damon saves China from dragons in 'The Great Wall'
The latest movie in the grand cinematic tradition of the Special White Person.

10. Racist flyers target "Job Stealing Ching Chongs"
"Get out and go back to Communist land."

11. The Daily Show's Ronny Chieng rips the shit out of Fox News
"If you’re gonna be racist, at least get your stereotypes right, you ignorant sack of shit."

12. Jenny Yang has some "gentle fun" with white people
"How was Burning Man?"

13. Growing Up the Child of Immigrants
Guest Post by Melissa Hung

14. Everybody's going as Ali Wong for Halloween
'Baby Cobra' inspires a pretty great Halloween costume.

15. All The Asians On TV: Fall 2016 Series Premieres
Here are the new scripted shows featuring actors of Asian descent. We counted.

16. The guy called him a "chink." So he kicked the guy in the face.
Sidney Chan is accused of kicking Stephen Kent in the face after Kent called him a racial slur.

17. Some of My Best Friends Are White
A Poem by Beau Sia, Banned From Facebook

18. Arizona woman assaults students for speaking Mandarin
22-year-old Kalie Rutledge punched Xiaolin Shi for speaking Chinese on the light rail.

19. This is not leaked footage from the Mulan remake. It's better.
Chinese kids perform a pretty faithful re-creation of "Honor To Us All."

20. 5 Things I Learned Watching My Mom's YouTube Cooking Show
Guest Post by Sahra Vang Nguyen

21. Ouch. When it hurts to be Jeremy Lin.
Jeremy Lin is consistently on the receiving end of particularly brutal fouls -- and referees never seem to notice.

22. An Open Letter to Our Asian American Families About Black Lives Matter
Hundreds come together to create a multi-lingual resource to talk about anti-Blackness and police violence.

23. Our first look at Scarlett Johansson in 'Ghost in the Shell'
And now the full whitewash cycle is complete.

24. Thank you, straight white guys. You had a good run.
Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang's 'Master of None' wins Critics' Choice Award for Best Comedy Series.

25. Casting Call: Seeking Asian actors for 'Ready Player One'
Directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the book by Ernest Cline.

26. "I literally knew I was gay before I knew I was Asian."
Comedian Joel Kim Booster performs standup on 'Conan.'

27. Richard Marx subdues unruly passenger on Korean Air flight
Asians Behaving Badly... Unruly Air Passenger Edition!

28. So That Was The Worst Episode of The Walking Dead

29. Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat
Valerie Soe is making a documentary about the legendary Taiwanese cultural program, aka "Love Boat."

30. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Guest Post by Karen L. Ishizuka

31. Shouty train passenger gets his anti-immigrant rage on
"It's America. Welcome to America. Deodorant! What do you think?"

32. These Jeopardy contestants all deserve to lose.
"Who is Jet Li?" And martial arts movie fans are shaking their damn heads.

33. 63-year-old man assaulted in racist subway attack
"Why don't you go back to your country?"

34. Disney Says 'Mulan' Will Not Feature a White Male Lead
Guest Post by ConcernedForMulan

35. Man thwarted while trying drug and rape his dinner date
Michael Hsu was arrested after three watchful women caught him slipping something into his date's drink.

36. Korean American adoptee faces unjust deportation
Guest Post by Jenny Wills

37. This ridiculously cute kid is the new Gerber Baby
7-month-old Isla is the winner of the 6th annual Gerber Baby Photo Search.

38. Woman blasts SFO customs officer for being a racist jerk
"Tell her if she wants her green card back she needs to learn to follow directions."

39. New NBC Series Makes Light of Human Trafficking and Asian Stereotypes
By Laura Sirikul. Cross-Posted from The Nerds of Color.

40. Tennessee Girl Mistakenly Gets Tattoo of Jeremy Lin's Name in Chinese, Decides to Be His Biggest Fan
Cross-posted from Dat Winning.

41. Meet the Asian characters in 'Star Wars: Rogue One'
New character details from the Star Wars saga's latest film.

42. Scarlett Johansson says we should keep asking for diversity in Hollywood hahahahah ha haha
Perhaps we could start by not whitewashing Asian characters.

43. This White Guy can't handle the Racist Sexist Improv Class
"A sword collection? Really? Your yellow fever is getting out of control, man."

44. Two women sought in subway hate crime assault
Suspects punched the victim in the head while making anti-Asian remarks.

45. Illinois Senator mocks Tammy Duckworth's family heritage
"I'd forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington."

46. That Random Asian Guy
Guest Post by Konrad Ng

47. Steven Yeun and Conan O'Brien went to Korea and made a K-pop music video
And other epic Korean adventures.

48. Look at all this bullshit Asians put up with this year...
...conveniently summed up in this mannequin challenge video.

49. The nonsense Asian American actors have to deal with...
"If you can't speak Chinese then use broken English."

50. Get your hands on the Haikus On Hotties 2017 Calendar
From the Makers of
Hotties with Haikus now comes
Hotties ON Haikus.

51. Imagine all the Hollywood movies. Starring John Cho.
What would it look like if today's Hollywood blockbusters starred an Asian American leading man?

52. Misguided Protesters Target NYC's Chinatown Over Dog Meat Festival in China
Cross-posted from Reappropriate.

53. And now we have #StarringConstanceWu
Inspired by #StarringJohnCho.

54. Nice try, Marvel. 'Dr. Strange' casting is still whitewashing.
Because when you think "really old mystical Asian man," you think... Tilda Swinton?

55. Old, discriminatory law used to block wrongful death lawsuit in fatal duck boat crash
Haram Kim was one of five people killed when a Seattle tourist vehicle collided with a bus last September.

56. Fox Sports reporter fired over racist remarks
Fox Sports Florida sideline reporter Emily Austen made jokes about Mexican, Jewish and Chinese people.

57. Customers leave racist "tip" for waitress
"Build that wall, Trump Daddy"

58. Is this guy actually sad that there's too much Chinese food?
Ridiculous New Yorker poem laments that there is more to Chinese food than chow mein.

59. The new Superman is... Chinese! And written by Gene Luen Yang
'New Super-Man' introduces Kenji Kong, a Shanghai teenager who gains the powers of Superman.

60. To Nontraditional Asian American Families
Guest Post by Vanessa Teck & David To

61. Photo project "corrects" Hollywood yellowface
Michelle Villemaire photographed herself as Asian film characters historically performed in yellowface.

62. Bruce Lee, lightsaber nunchucks and a galaxy far, far away...
Artist imagines the legendary martial artist as a Jedi warrior.

63. Immigrant Parents, Lessons On Race
Guest Post by Connie Sun

64. Nobody Does It Better: Taiwan Shows the U.S. How
Guest Post by Valerie Soe

65. Dutch pranksters throw baby formula on random Asians
And now, feel the wrath of Chinese netizens.

66. Fox News Airs Appallingly Racist anti-Asian Segment
By Jenn Fang. Cross-Posted from Reappropriate.

67. 26 Things Asian Americans Secretly Google
There are just some things that we Asians do not know... about being Asian.

68. Support the families of Milwaukee shooting rampage victims
Phia Vue, Mai Vue and Jesus Manso-Perez were fatally shot by a neighbor in their apartment building.

69. Red Carpet Racism: "Smile, you're in America now."
Kumail Nanjiani says he was racially harassed by a photographer at the Independent Spirit Awards.

70. Angry Reader of the Week: Constance Wu
"I highly recommend letter writing."

71. Jennifer Murphy doubles down with a crappier, even more racist version of the "Neenja" song
Oh, it gets much worse.

72. Jeremy Lin still gets singled out and stopped by NBA security
"I'm so used to it now. It doesn't bother me."

73. Two families die in fiery car crash as fathers watch in horror
Aaron Ng and Wei Xiong were severely injured trying to rescue their wives and children.

74. Nordstrom Rack Pulls Hoodie with Images of Nanjing Massacre from Online Store
By Jenn Fang. Cross-Posted from Reappropriate.

75. This Chinatown grandma is one of 'The Forgotten Ones'
Short documentary profiles elderly living alone in Manhattan's Chinatown.

76. Who will star in 'Crazy Rich Asians'? Maybe you.
Casting call seeks actors for lead roles in Jon M. Chu's adaptation of the bestselling novel.

77. UC Santa Cruz students arrested in alleged drug ring
Three sorority and three fraternity members were arrested for possession of over $100,000 worth of MDMA.

78. Indian man sucker punched in hate crime attack
"Things are different now."

79. Randall Park Interviews Ali Wong
Guest Post by Randall Park

80. Three arrested in racist assault on sushi restaurant owners
"Go back to your own country!"

81. Starring Scarlett Johansson as Super Asian Robot Lady
Look at all the Cool Asian Shit in the 'Ghost in the Shell' trailer

82. Tilda Swinton teaches Dr. Strange the Mystical Asian Stuff
The Ancient One is a bald British lady.

83. Vandals hang noose in Southeast Asian youth center
"I don't think it's a joke, I think we were sent a CLEAR message."

84. Newspaper runs obituary for Glenn of 'The Walking Dead'
"His bravery in the face of both the Undead and the Brutal Living inspired all who knew him."

85. Angry Reader of the Week: Daniel Dae Kim
"I'm about trying to leave this world a better place than how we found it."

86. What are we fighting for? White Privilege or Racial Justice in the death of Akai Gurley
Guest Post by OiYan Poon

87. USC professor fatally stabbed by PhD student
David Brown stabbed psychology professor Bosco Tjan after a "personal dispute."

88. The Weird History of Asian Sex Stereotypes
MTV's Decoded drops some six-minute truth about western perceptions of Asian sexuality.

89. Official Premiere: Awkwafina x Margaret Cho - "Green Tea"
Rapper and comedian collaborate for a NSFW anthem in celebration of womanhood and AAPI Heritage Month.

90. When Your Parents Speak Broken English
Bless the kids who have been forced to translate for their parents in hella awkward situations.

91. Academy apologizes, realizes it's a terrible apology, agrees to meet with Asian members
"It certainly was never the Academy's intent to offend anyone."

92. Trump's chief strategist has a problem with Asian immigration
Steve Bannon thinks there are too many Asian executives in Silicon Valley, cites fake stats to back it up.

93. 'Fresh Off The Boat' responds to Chris Rock's Oscar joke
In about twenty years, Evan Huang is going to be very disappointed.

94. It's Asian Men! A Sexy Short Film
For anyone who thought 'Magic Mike' was sorely lacking some hot Asian men.

95. Meet Eddie's (fake)(Chinese) girlfriend on 'Fresh Off The Boat'
Episode 223: "The Manchurian Dinner Date" airs Tuesday, May 17, 8:00pm on ABC

96. Today's Google Doodle is dedicated to Yuri Kochiyama.
Google's homepage honors the legendary activist on her 95th birthday.

97. Papa John's refers to Asian customer as "Ching Ching"
Can I get a large pepperoni with a side of racism?

98. Q & A with The OA's Ian Alexander
Trans teen actor debuts in the mysterious new Netflix series. Guest Post by Jes Vu.

99. Queens woman kept Korean kids as slaves for six years
42-year-old Sook Yeong Park is accused of abusing and enslaving two children in her house since 2010.

100. Fans yelled racial slurs during girls basketball game
Witnesses say opposing fans yelled racist comments at McClatchy High School's girls basketball team.

And there you have it. Stay Angry, my friends.

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