This Year's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed posts of 2012.

 1. victoria's secret's "sexy little geisha." seriously.

 2. disturbing video of asian man attacked in chicago

 3. starbucks labels drinks with the "chink eyes"

 4. "me love you long time" comedian gets punched on stage

 5. most racist ad ever: "see asia like asians do"

 6. lisa chan, the actress in pete hoekstra's racist campaign ad

 7. who knew? jenny hyun is a raging racist

 8. this hoekstra campaign ad is racist bullshit

 9. actress lisa chan apologizes for hoekstra ad

10. ba-zing! emily chang's in a ruffles commercial

11. "chink in the armor"? really, espn?

12. 2 broke girls casting call seeks "hot asian guy"

13. hollister models go to korea, act like assholes

14. man tries to rob kung fu studio. bad idea.

15. papa john's and "lady chinky eyes"

16. "ching chang chong": how not to get a web design job

17. meet ryan lochte's sister, racist dumbass

18. jeremy lin skype chats with 5-year-old fan who cried when he left the knicks

19. from chink to gook, yet another dumbass espn headline

20. bruce lee resolution introduced in congress

21. racist idiots watch red dawn, tweet about it

22. 2 broke girls has found its "hot asian guy"

23. "oh, those ching chongs are with you?"

24. ridiculously photogenic asian guy

25. "asian-looking" woman removed from canada's new $100 bill

26. welcome to the jeremy lin show

27. seven teens charged in vicious beating caught on video

28. yes, that's russell wong in an ikea commercial

29. "what about his eyes?"

30. student found dead at uc irvine

31. file under badass: jogger takes down teenage gropers

32. this was to be expected

33. holy moly, hasbro

34. nguyen + nguyen + nguyen + nguyen + nguyen + nguyen + nguyen + nguyen

35. see cloud atlas stars in weird asian makeup!

36. racist chants at emory university volleyball game

37. honor student thrown in jail for missing school

38. "osu haters" exposes ohio state's racist tweets

39. the "make me asian" app is not amusing

40. bullied teen commits suicide outside school

41. pete hoekstra and the "yellow girl"

42. the problem with the rise of asian americans

43. this dorm mate has hmong "problems"

44. that asian guy with obama's family

45. michael llodra calls tennis spectator a "fucking chinese"

46. man accused of raping 12-year-old girl in 1995, contacted victim through facebook in 2011

47. honda commercial's "foreign language couple"

48. the canadian alexandra wallace

49. "shut up and speak english #asians"

50. espn fires employee for "chink in the armor" headline

51. rest in peace, janet liang

52. ucla's vietnamese student union vandalized

53. stuntman ilram choi puts the amazing into spider-man

54. psy performs "gangnam style" at american music awards, racist tweets predictably follow

55. yellowface in cloud atlas trailer

56. historic election night for asian americans

57. punched "me love you long time" comedian speaks out

58. weird-ass craigslist posting, part 290: lonely loser seeks "unsophisticated chinese girl"

58. racist email calls jay chen a "slant eyed gook"

59. bullying led to texas teen's suicide

60. kids react to k-pop

61. 2 broke girls producer takes heat for stereotypes

62. burger king customer referred to as "chinito" on receipt

63. the egg mcmuffin of boyfriends

64. asians in commercials! superbowl XLVI edition

65. k-town reality show to premiere as web series

66. sign the petition to free cindy chang

67. brooklyn high school teacher arrested for affair with student

68. this again: hooters receipt calls asian customer "chinx"

69. man faces attempted murder charges for shooting racist neighbor

70. chinese students brutally attacked on sydney train

71. ashton kutcher's racist "brownface" popchips ad

72. chinatown pedestrian fatally struck by national guard truck

73. k-town episode one premieres

74. k-town producers casting asian americans for three new reality shows

75. the asians on tv: new fall 2012-13 shows

76. funny or die spoofs racist hoekstra campaign ad

77. tapioca balls may cause cancer? noooooooooo!

78. boyfriend almost suffocates while mailing himself in a box

79. to jeremy lin, from stuyvesant high school: please speak at our graduation

80. ice cream company under fire for racist facebook comment

81. evil asians invade america in the red dawn trailer

82. yellowface might as well be a frozen yogurt topping

83. gordon hirabayashi, 1918-2012

84. survivor cast members do the chink-eye

85. the asian american guy who accidentally ended up on time's latino voter cover story

86. the uncanny jeremy lin action figure

87. chinese takeout attack victim dies

88. green lantern's gay asian boyfriend

89. angry reader of the week: emily chang

90. the legend of lin

91. "my name is jessica hyejin lee. if you're watching this, I have been arrested."

92. the hub apologizes for "ching chong" fortune cookies

93. chinese zombies in resident evil 6 and li bingbing in resident evil: retribution trailer

94. this potential employer has a problem with your immigration status and chinese name

95. humberto quintero crashes tv interview with the chink-eye

96. student abandoned in dea holding cell for five days

97. wtf: roundeye noodle bar

98. "these asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops"

99. oldboy remake casting call

100. kathlyn ehl resigns over anti-asian tweets

It's been a hell of a year! Stay Angry, my friends.

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