this year's angriest posts

It's been a hell of a year! Ching chongs, tiger moms and of course, Asians in the library. Here are this year's angriest posts -- not really the angriest, just the most viewed. Check it out:

alexandra's anti-asian video about "manners"

we're a culture, not a costume

"ching chong ling long ting tong" means I love you

chick-fil-a cashier names customers "ching" and "chong"

how to hit on an asian girl

vancouver knows how to riot!

accidental chinese hipsters

filipino grandma reads go the f**ck to sleep

all the chinese kids are wearing one

guest post by kevjumba: shh! don't say those things!

your permissive western parenting is inferior

no more "ching chong ling long ting tong": alexandra wallace drops out of ucla

missing: alan lin, last seen february 5 in newport beach

casting call: "must have an extremely small penis"

minneapolis morning radio show mocks hmong people

hey you f@#king facebook idiots, the japanese tsunami is not payback for pearl harbor

f@#king facebook idiots: women's world cup edition

yes, that's russell wong in an ikea commercial

church youth group leader arrested for having sex with underage teen

I'm not racist, but...

cbs pilot two broke girls: seriously, you named the asian character "rice lee"?

korilla booted from the great food truck race for cheating

julie chu in espn's "body issue"

"the hottest star from china" is looking for love in the park

the most racist independence day float in maine

asians, alcohol & abs: k-town reality show promo

this recall petition is racist bullshit

guest post by kai ma: top 10 things that anger me in asia

a very massive boycott of harold & kumar

it had to happen: bruce lee xxx: a porn parody

google chrome commercial: "dear sophie"

a bold and the beautiful fan who really hates asians

the greatest engagement photos ever... with zombies!

asian americans teens bullied more than any other group

crappy commercial alert: directv's "the whale"

harry shum jr. shirtless! ... and a live duet with clara c.

godfrey gao, louis vuitton's first asian male

congresswoman says she can identify who is "illegal" from their "olive complexion"

jennifer lopez dresses up in asian crap

saturday night live spoofs japanese pop culture fans

a guy, a girl, a flashmob and a proposal

ivy league-bound honor student goes gangsta on her mom over a used car

these are actual ads for a chinese restaurant

taiwanese baseball fan gets the death stare

read these blogs: superior chinese mom edition

rush limbaugh mocks chinese president with the ching chong

body of missing college student found in newport bay

angry reader of the week: zandi de jesus

berkeley college republicans' racist bake sale

the most typical person on the planet

file under badass: hideaki akaiwa

america's most mathematical dance crew

marine committed suicide after hazing incident

angry asian man, hyphen and napawf present the 15 apa women leader spotlights

ted talk fail: all asians look alike?

fox sports produces racist "humor" segment at usc

"he's chinese... he's got squinty eyes and yellow skin."

missing: 18-year-old morna tran, last seen may 31

the korean susan boyle will break your heart

chinese workers "excised" out of amc's transcontinental railroad drama hell on wheels

how many cops, mace and batons does it take to arrest a 60-year-old chinese man making music in the park?

guest post by emily chang: the curse of the chinese school cheater

next on glee: "the asian f"

the tiger mother speaks!

47 ronin, starring a bunch of awesome japanese actors... and keanu

who are the women in this amazing pearl harbor photo?

forever 21: a fashion empire... by any means necessary

race and dating and craigslist

the library "finals freakout" video

obey tiger mother

angry gift guide: totoro sleeping bag

meet the next alexandra wallace

all asians (try to) look alike?

a new stereotype for asian americans in advertising?

sjsu students murdered in double shooting

live-action akira adaptation: starring white people!

jamie chung puts kevjumba in the "friend zone"

who is the dumbass who yells "konnichiwa, bitches" during a moment of silence for japan?

the tiger cub speaks! in defense of her strict chinese mom

the asian exclusion act: when u.s. immigration "worked very, very well," according to michele bachmann

army investigates "racially charged bullying" behind soldier's death

your halloween costumes, part one

searching for an angry asian intern

yuja wang's little orange dress kicks classical music's ass

oops. turns out it was just duck meat, not dog meat.

mother convicted of murdering 4-year-old adopted daughter

pepper spraying cop's racist, homophobic past

what happens in vegas...

could "ching chong ling long ting tong" be the best thing to ever happen to jimmy wong?

authorities cracking down on sexy vietnamese cafes

racist voicemail message for hmong city council candidate

asian american actress sues imdb for posting her age

the green hornet starring jay chou... or, uh, john cho?

"chinese people need to learn brains and what freedom is"

australian politician calls out colleague for meowing

a big fat roundup of asians in commercials

"all the girls in vietnam are aggressive. they attack!"

captain america trailer: kenneth choi, howling commando

fuck yeah, asians with perms!

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