This Year's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed posts of 2013.

1. The Nerdiest / Most Gangster Yearbook Quote Ever

2. Okay, so this is pretty much the worst thing ever made.

3. Aziz Ansari takes down racist, homophobic jokes at Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco

4. The guys who dressed up as bloody Asiana flight attendants

5. "Captain Sum Ting Wong"? For real? Pranked news station reports racist fake Asiana flight crew names

6. Lorde has an Asian boyfriend. Get the f%*k over it, internet.

7. Reverse racism exists. All you need is a time machine.

8. Julie Chen admits she got surgery to look "less Asian"

9. Please stop saying these things to Asians.

10. You were not invited to Kappa Sigma's "Racist Rager."

11. Shh. A simple tip for talking about race.

12. How to Be Mistaken for a Prostitute in China

13. Quang and Ellie's super cool, slo-mo wedding video booth

14. This law firm specializes in personal injury... and really racist commercials.

15. 14 More Asian Leading Men Who Deserve More Screen Time

16. Watch Kristina Wong in the most awesome TV interview ever

17. Jim Lee's rejection letters from Marvel and DC

18. "A Letter to JK Rowling from Cho Chang" by Rachel Rostad

19. The Most Racist Talent Show Judge Ever

20. 10-year-old boy killed in Miami nail salon robbery

21. "What kind of Asian are you?" The kind you don't mess with.

22. That funny Chinese homework assignment... now with context!

23. WTF: This music video makes me hate Chinese food. And pandas.

24. Ken Jeong to star in TV medical comedy based on his own life

25. Disney Princesses re-imagined as Asian American

26. Darren Criss and Lea Salonga lead a sing-along

27. British woman has a migraine, wakes up with Chinese accent

28. Steven Yeun is one of People's Sexiest Men of 2013

29. Driver chased down by angry mob of motorcyclists

30. UC Riverside student charged in ex-boyfriend murder plot

31. Tammy Duckworth is not taking your sh*t.

32. Seattle woman arrested for racist soy sauce attack

33. Kristina Wong talks about Asian fetish guys on Totally Biased

34. The Worst Thing You Can Call A White Person?

35. "Maybe you should go back to China where you belong."

36. Jimmy Kimmel's Kids Table suggests we "kill everyone in China"

37. File Under Badass: Kim Ji-yeon, Asiana Flight Attendant

38. Weird-Ass Craigslist Posting, Part 56: Seeking "Quality Asian"

39. My Favorite Racist Costumes From the Fun World Catalog

40. Katy Perry gets her geisha on at the American Music Awards

41. A Very Special Racist Road Rage Moment On The 110 Freeway

42. Sushi restaurant writes "An Open Letter to Bigot Diners"

43. They grow up so fast... and you won't even notice

44. Thousands gather for protests against Jimmy Kimmel

45. The Most Hated Man in San Francisco

46. Watch people lose their sh*t when Alexander Wang gives away free clothes

47. Kenichi Ebina's kickass audition for America's Got Talent

48. Angry Reader of the Week: Philip Wang

49. From ordinary gal to dance hotness in 365 days

50. Tiësto goes to Korea, can't resist tweeting dog-eating jokes

51. Whoa. I think this guy just out-Beyoncé-d Beyoncé.

52. Yet Another Stupid Racist Video: "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian"

53. All Asian cyclists look the same

54. The most racist movie trailer ever?

55. Dear Pastor Rick Warren, I Think You Don’t Get It

56. Aziz Ansari goes to Hong Kong, gets schooled on the proper way to eat a pineapple bun

57. You know what this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition needs? Some exotic human props.

58. FDNY sends ambulance bill addressed to "Unknown Asian"

59. Boy peeing in mall trash can sparks internet outrage

60. Red Sox pitcher Koji Uehara's son steals the spotlight

61. Race is Not a Party: Fraternity suspended for "Racist Rager"

62. "We Love You Long Time" Billboard in Portland's Chinatown

63. Fund This: An adoptee reunites with his birth family in aka Dan

64. Hey, People. That's the wrong Asian Google Glass gal.

65. "FRIGHT 214." Seriously, Chicago Sun-Times?

66. Family of SUV driver in motorcycle chase speaks out

67. Big Brother 15 is the most racist show on television

68. To the asshole who broke into Steven Yeun's car

69. Kanye West says Zappos sells shit products. It's true.

70. A racist letter to the "filthy" Filipino community

71. Oh Hell No: Blackface in Asian American fraternity video

72. Take that, racists. These kids have no idea why anyone would be upset over a Cheerios commercial.

73. Court documents reveal chilling details in the murder of Vanessa Pham

74. Elisa Lam's death ruled accidental

75. Jeremy Lin: You've Changed Bro

76. Kolten Wong picked off first base for final out of Game 4

77. FishbowlDC, racist jokes and the phrase that needs to die

78. Kate Gosselin does the slant eye!

79. Your Halloween Costumes, Part One

80. I will cut someone in this Target for a Phillip Lim handbag.

81. Son surprises mom with a house for Mother's Day

82. Customer kicked out of McDonald's for limited English skills

83. Nightclub assault leaves victim brain dead

84. Ah, the good ol' chased-by-a-dinosaur prank

85. Girl rocks the guzheng with "Sweet Child o' Mine" cover

86. Jinh Yu Frey knocks out Darla Harris in 24 seconds

87. White Guy rises to the top of the Chinese Mafia in White Devil

88. Questlove goes to Japan... and brings tired-ass Asian jokes

89. Restaurant owner thwarts iPhone thief with an asskicking

90. Bruce Lee is back... in a Johnnie Walker commercial?

91. Time to start your Sriracha stockpile

92. Amy Poehler and the Helpful Best Buy Employee

93. Racist Party Alert: "Madam's Wu's Good Luck Banquet"

94. Rob Gronkowski mocks Asian fan at watch party

95. Tessanne Chin spins all four chairs on The Voice

96. Hollywood isn't racist. It's worse.

97. Is this the next "Gangnam Style"?

98. Man kills wife, baby twin sons in murder-suicide

99. Hey, San Diego! Want to go to a racist party?

100. No, wait. THIS is the greatest windup in baseball history.

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